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IAR Embedded Workbench strengthens development of new low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ core from STMicroelectronics
Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany—February 26, 2014—IAR Systems® announces support for the new ultra-low-power STM32L0 series based on ARM® Cortex®-M0+ from STMicroelectronics®. The support is available using IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM, recently enhanced with major new features including multicore debugging. The STM32L0 ultra-low-power series features a 32MHz ...
SEGGER introduces emModbus, connecting industrial devices
Hilden, Germany – February 24th, 2014 - SEGGER introduces the Modbus protocol stack emModbus.

Modbus is an open, mature, and straight forward protocol designed to connect industrial devices. SEGGER’s implementation of the Modbus protocol enables communication with any other Modbus compliant device.

emModbus supports communication via UART (ASCII, RTU) and Etherne ...
Revolutionary smart-meter software reduces hardware cost and development time
Nürnberg, Germany 21 Feb 2014 – HCC Embedded today announced that it has developed an advanced file system, custom designed for the needs of smart-energy and smart-meter applications. HCC’s approach maximizes the life of flash, significantly reduces power consumption, and provides a deterministic ‘emergency write’ function, which reduces cost by allowing the on-board c ...

INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.