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We offer three different Real-Time Operating Systems that each have their fit for specific application domains

RTOS Overview
We offer a few RTOS's and software platforms that each have their specific fit in the market. Segger 
Generic RTOS and modules that are avalable for virtually all popular target processors and development environements. Being very small in size and optimized for hard real-time systems these platforms are a very good fit for all your microcontroller based embedded projects. ...
SEGGER Real-Time O.S. and Modules
SEGGER Embedded Software   Following strict, yet efficient coding and documentation standards, we created and developed a feature-rich, high-performance family of middleware with a very small footprint and outstanding documentation. The software is very easy to use and works out of the box. BSPs and projects for popular eval boards and tool chains are available. Optimized for resource ...
Sciopta Real-Time Platform
Sciopta is specialised in Real-Time O.S. en modules for Safety Critical and Distributed Apllications. ...
Percepio TraceAlyzer
Reveal the runtime world, power up your software development.

Tracealyzer is the premier trace visualization tool for developers of RTOS- or Linux-based embedded software systems, now also supporting OpenVX embedded vision applications. Get amazing insight into the real-time behavior of your software during development, debugging, validation and optimization. Boost your development and ...


INDES-IDS BV biedt oplossingen voor zowel embedded software-ontwikkeling als voor telecommunicatie-NEMS en -aanbieders. In deze markten bieden wij producten van ofwel de marktleider ofwel de innovatieleider. Ons doel is om u te assisteren om eerder de markt op te kunnen doordat wij u een combinatie van producten, kennis en diensten bieden.