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Partners, ITTIA L.L.C.

ITTIA develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports data management software products and provides related services. Founded in 2000, ITTIA has a rich history of innovation and growth as a data management company. Today, ITTIA customers include leaders such as Freescale Semiconductor, Panasonic, Puget Sound Energy, Fresenius, Boeing, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

The company's platform-independent, safe, secure database software for embedded and mobile platforms offers industry-leading benefits, including exceptional technical support, scalability, efficiency, excellent performance, and low total cost of ownership.

ITTIA's next generation embedded database technology, ITTIA DB SQL Embedded, delivers capabilities culminated from decades of database evolution in a compact, self-managing package. Used in applications such as medical devices, industrial automation, portable data terminals, consumer electronics, network appliances, and automotive systems, our technology enables developers to leverage enterprise data management features on embedded systems and devices across their product lines, whatever operating systems and architectures are used.

ITTIA DB SQL Mobile offers a development platform for mobile database applications developers to leverage advanced database features to accelerate application development. With this SQL database, leading-edge app developers design, store and connect embedded data for mobile environments. ITTIA DB SQL Mobile enables applications to manage and synchronize data with other mobile devices and enterprise database products.

ITTIA Meter Shop Automation (MSA) is a revolutionary software solution that provides management, tracking, and maintenance of metering device assets. Natural gas and electrical utilities depend on ITTIA MSA to collect meter information, enforce business rules, and archive a complete maintenance history for each metering device asset.

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For more information please follow above links or contact Gerard Fianen or Boudewijn Dijkstra





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