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Static Analysis

Static Analysis enables a project to ensure that a uniform set of programming standards are enforced, software is properly structured and complexity and other quality attributes are controlled within a configurable quality model. Static Analysis can also detect a significant number of software defects.

IAR C-STAT integrated Static code analysis
Static analysis finds potential issues in code by doing an analysis on the source code level. In addition to raising the code quality, the analysis also aids alignment with industry coding standards.

IAR Systems has integrated powerfull code verification capabilities in the Embedded WorkBench development environment so IAR customers have now easy access to both powerful Static and Run-T ...
Rule Checker
Fast automatic checks for adherence to coding standards
RuleChecker is a static program analyzer that automatically checks your C or C++ code for compliance with MISRA rules, CERT recom­mendations, and other coding guidelines.                       RuleChecker primarily targets safety-critical embedded applications, ...
Astrée Sound Static code Analyzer
Astrée is a static code analyzer that proves the absence of run­time errors and invalid con­current behavior in safety-critical software written or gen­er­ated in C. It takes Static analysys one step further by doing a Formal Verification of the code by using the mathematical methodology of Abstract Interpretation. As a result the verification can guarantee there are no run- ...


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