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Efficient, Safe, Scalable Database Software
ITTIA DB SQL is a relational database management software library for embedded systems and intelligent Internet-of-Things devices. SQL features not typically available on an embedded device greatly simplify data management for software developers. Elegant APIs, tools to ease development, and smooth upgrades make it fun to build data-driven applications, independent of operating system and hardware.

Developed for Real-Time Embedded Systems
It is a full-featured robust data management technology that scales down to meet the constrained resource requirements of embedded systems. Products built with ITTIA DB SQL are fast and scalable, and run on modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, INTEGRITY, QNX, ThreadX, Nucleus, μcOS-II, μcOS-III, VxWorks, Sciopta and SEGGER emBOS – even with a custom file system and without an operating system. ITTIA DB SQL is cross-platform and applications embedded with it run on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86 and desired custom hardware platforms.

Small Footprint - Best Performance
ITTIA DB SQL offers benefits in its modular architecture that enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership. With ITTIA DB SQL, manufacturers build robust, high-value products, with no database administrator, to store, manage, analyze, connect, and distribute data. Libraries support C, C++ and various scripting languages.

Cross-Platform Databse for Mission-Critical Systems
ITTIA DB SQL is a solid database framework for the development of a variety of mission-critical systems from consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics, industrial automation, and solar systems to many other markets. Products built with ITTIA DB SQL are fast and scalable, and run on modern operating systems, or even with a custom file system and no operating system. ITTIA DB SQL is cross-platform, for applications on ARM Cortex-A, ARM Cortex-M, PowerPC, x86 and any desired custom hardware platform.

By developers, for Developers

From the ground up, ITTIA DB SQL is designed to provide the most important relational database capabilities to C/C++ application developers for embedded systems and devices, without requiring complex installation or administration tools. By combining SQL queries with low-level access to tables and indexes, ITTIA DB SQL is both familiar to experienced database application developers and approachable to embedded developers.

Cloud Ready Edge Devices
Cloud-Ready Edge Devices
Powerful features, such as runtime SQL, dynamic schema alteration, transaction isolation levels, database replication, hybrid memory/disk storage, and in-place encryption enable embedded applications to safely and securely share local data with web services and cloud infrastructure. Track changes and identify data conflicts with unique device-to-device database replication and synchronization.

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How to buy :

Please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Fianen at INDES-IDS BV to discuss your application database needs.





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