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IAR Safety Certified Toolsuite for ARM & Cortex

IAR's leading Embedded Workbench toolsuite for ARM & Cortex has passed the IEC-61508 and ISO-26262 safety certifications and is in use for many systems that have already passed certifications upto SIL-3.

A good example of a Cortex-based safety critical MCU is TI's Hercules family. At INDES we have both experience and in-house hard- and software platform for this advanced lock-step multi-core safety MCU.

The IAR Embedded Workbench has also been used in many other systems developed with ARM- and Cortex based MCU's that have sucessfully passed formal safety certification.

IAR's Embedded Workbench with its optimizing C/C++ compiler is an integrated development environment for building and debugging a wide range of ARM- and Cortex based embedded applications. It provides extensive support for a wide range of ARM devices, hardware debug systems and RTOSs and generates very compact and efficient code. Ready-made device configuration files, flash loaders and over 3100 example projects are included.

IAR Embedded Workbench is compatible with other ARM EABI compliant compilers and supports the following ARM cores:

  • Cortex-A15
  • Cortex-A9
  • Cortex-A8
  • Cortex-A7
  • Cortex-A5
  • Cortex-R7
  • Cortex-R5(F)
  • Cortex-R4(F)
  • Cortex-M4(F)
  • Cortex-M3
  • Cortex-M1
  • Cortex-M0+
  • Cortex-M0
  • ARM11
  • ARM9E (ARM926EJ-S, ARM946E-S and ARM966E-S, ARM968E-S)
  • ARM9 (ARM9TDMI, ARM920T, ARM922T and ARM940T)
  • ARM7E (ARM7EJ-S)
  • SecurCore (SC000, SC100, SC110, SC200, SC210, SC300)
  • XScale

Key components

  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • Highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for ARM
  • Automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA C:2004)
  • ARM EABI and CMSIS compliance
  • Extensive HW target system support
  • Optional I-jet and JTAGjet-Trace in-curcuit debugging probes
  • Power debugging to visualize power consumption in correlation with source code
  • Run-time libraries including source code
  • Relocating ARM assembler
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • C-SPY® debugger with ARM simulator, JTAG support and support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware
  •  TOS plugins available from IAR Systems and RTOS vendors
  • Over 3100 sample projects for evaluation boards from many different manufacturers
  • User and reference guides in PDF format
  • Context-sensitive online help

Chip-specific support

  • Over 3100 example projects for evaluation boards from IAR Systems, Actel, Analog Devices, Aiji Systems, ARM, Atmel, Cirrus Logic, EnergyMicro, Freescale, Fujitsu, Holtek, Keil, LogicPD, Micronas, Nohau, Nuvoton, NXP, OKI, Olimex, ON Semiconductor, Pasat, Phytec, Samsung, ST, Texas Instruments and Toshiba.
  • Support for 4 Gbyte applications in ARM and Thumb mode
  • Each function can be compiled in ARM or Thumb mode
  • VFP Vector Floating Point coprocessor code generation
  • Intrinsic NEON support


For more information on development and test environemnts for safety critical applications please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Fianen.



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