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Run-Time verfication

Real-Tme embedded systems can suffer from tricky run-time errors like buffer overflow, memory leaks, out of bound allocation and unpredictable execution times. We offer tools that assist in finding and even preventing such run-time coding problems.

C-RUN Run-time Analysis
IAR's C-RUN is a unique add-on to it's Embedded WorkBench Toolsuite that offers easy-to-use and fully integrated run-time verification of typical run-time coding problems. offers developers of Real-Time Embedded code a powerful set of tools to detect and solve tricky run-time coding problems. Developed by the IAR compiler and Debugger experts it has a wide range of features that helps dev ...
Astrée Sound Static code Analyzer
Astrée is a static code analyzer that proves the absence of run­time errors and invalid con­current behavior in safety-critical software written or gen­er­ated in C. It takes Static analysys one step further by doing a Formal Verification of the code by using the mathematical methodology of Abstract Interpretation. As a result the verification can guarantee there are no run- ...
Stack overflow is a thing of the past
StackAnalyzer automatically determines the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in your appli­cation. It lets you find any stack overflows, or formally prove the absence thereof. Call graph with stack usage and worst-case path Tabular and chart summaries of the analysis results Features   Detailed and precise informa ...
AiT - Worst Case Execution Time
The industry standard for static timing analysis
aiT WCET Analyzers statically compute tight bounds for the worst-case execution time (WCET) of tasks in real-time systems. They directly analyze binary executables and take the intrinsic cache and pipeline behavior into account.
The challenge
In real-time systems, timely task completion is of the essence. ...
Hybrid worst-case timing analysis
TimeWeaver combines static path analysis with timing measurements to provide worst-case execution time estimates.    
The tool estimates the worst-case execution time (WCET) of tasks based on the exe­cution time of trace segments obtained from real-time instruction-level tracing. The computed time bounds are valuable for ...
Predict timing behavior during code development
TimingProfiler helps you identify application parts that cause unsatisfactory execution times. It delivers results as soon as there is compiled code, and thus can be used very early in the development process, when measure­ments on physical hardware are costly or plain impossible. This makes TimingProfiler ideally suited for constantly moni ...


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