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Unit Test

Unit testing may be defined as a process of verification and validation of an individual module or ‘unit’ of software. In its simplest form a unit may be a single function or method that has been isolated from the main body of application code. The analysis of this unit, in isolation, is normally achieved by means of the developers writing additional driver modules or test harnesses, which ‘manage’ the necessary unit inputs and outputs.

        Testing We offer you comprehensive services for planning, executing and evaluating individual unit tests, component tests and system tests as well as regression tests for your embedded software. Our experienced experts are here to support you at all stages of your test process.   Find out more ››     Seminars
Our ...
CCDL - Check Case Definition Language

Test specification language CCDL is a test specification language that provides a dedicated high-level and easy to learn test language for powerful requirements based system testing. The fully automated test execution and evaluation shortens testing cycles and reduces required manpower. The intuitively readable CCDL test specification reduces documentation effort and the test execution fl ...
CTE - Classification Tree Editor
Specification of test cases The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) is a graphical editor which by means of the Classification Tree Method is used to transform a (functional) specification into a set of test cases. The following chapters outline CTE's core feature. Your comments and questions about the CTE are appreciated. Please contact Gerard Fianen. The idea of the Classification Tree Met ...
ITE - Integrated Test Environment
Management of complex hardware or software test projects The Integrated Test Environment (ITE) is our solution to handle complex hardware or software test projects.
ITE provides features to define and manage requirements and test cases in different documents, link them with each other as well as plan tests and test campaigns. Moreover the tests can be developed, executed and evaluated by ...
TESSY - Unit- & Integration Test
Automated testing of embedded software TESSY automates the whole test cycle including regression testing for your embedded software in C/C++ on various target systems. As a certified test tool TESSY supports all industry-leading compilers, debuggers and microcontrollers to enable on-target testing as well as host simulation.   As one of the first unit test tools TESSY is today's lead ...
TOP - Test Operator Platform
Test run management TOP/TRM provide a multi user test run management for your system test bench: Comfortably create tests, run test batches and review results. The execution queue schedules all tests and also allows prioritized single user access. If you want to know more about TOP, TRM or how to connect to your system test bench please contact Gerard Fianen. Your benefits Multi user c ...


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