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Partners, Razorcat Development GmbH

INDES-IDS BV is proud to have become the preferred partner of Razorcat systems in the Benelux countries. We offer the full product range, an we will soon also take responsibility for the 1st line support to Razorcat customers in our area. Razorcat is mainly known by its succesful TESSY toolsuite for Unit- & integration Testing, but the company offers a number of additional products and services including Test management, the CTE graphical Test case notation tool, CCDL Test specification language and HiL.

Based in 1997 in Germany Razorcat is focussed offering on products, consultancy and services for the test and certification of complex and safety critical embedded software and systems.


Test solutions for embedded software and systems.

  • TESSY — Certified Unit & Integration testing toolsuite.
    Tessy automates the whole unit test cycle including regression testing for your embedded software in the C/C++ language on different embedded target systems and is well integrated with all popular IDE's and debuggers. Requirements can be imported and test results can be exported to create Requirement Traceability Matrix. Tessy is qualified for certification of embedded software accoording to various standard including IEC-61508 (and derivaties), ISO26262 and DO178b/c.
  • ITE — Professional Test Management
    The Integrated Test Environment (ITE) is our solution to handle complex hardware and software test projects. Manage requirements, linked test cases and test runs, analyze impacts of changes, create coverage and traceabilityreports and keep everything up to date.
  • CTE — Test design using the classification tree method
    The Classification Tree Editor (CTE) provides a systematic and easy understandable way to create test cases in a graphical notation. It is used to transform a (functional) specification into a set of error sensitive and low redundant testcasespecifications.
  • CCDL — Powerful real-time system testing
    The Check Case Definition Language (CCDL) automates requirements-based system testing on real-time test benches. Use this dedicated high-level test specification language for unambiguous test stimulation and clear definition of expected system reactions.

Razorcat Company Backgrounder

Razorcat is focused on products and services for testing of embedded software and systems. Since 1997 Razorcat develops software test tools which are continuously improved to meet the steadily growing requirements of today’s development processes for safety critical software and high quality standards. The company is privatly owned and has offices in Berlin and Waldbronn (near Karlsruhe).

The Razorcat team consists of experts with in-depth experience in software development, tool adaptations, interfaces and customized solutions as well as development and testing of safety-critical software. Our experts share their knowledge within seminars or consulting services.

Customers of Razorcat include ABB, Airbus, BMW, Bosch, Liebherr, Phoenix, Samsung, Siemens,  Valeo and ZF.

How to buy

Please contact  Gerard Fianen at   (+31) - (0)345 545 535  for more information on licensing and pricing.





INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.