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SEGGER introduces emCompress-PRO software

emCompress-PRO, a new all-in-one compression software from SEGGER, comes with all industry standard compression algorithms. The software is designed to handle any compression task in any application, fulfilling requirements such as low memory usage, high speed and on-the-fly processing.


emCompress-PRO includes well-defined, highly efficient compression algorithms such as DEFLATE, LZMA and LZJU90, providing full interoperability with third-party and open-source tools and libraries. The software also comes with example code demonstrating how to access standard archive formats such as Zip.


Being provided in source code form, emCompress-PRO is suitable for use in any embedded firmware as well as host applications.


Compression has a huge range of uses, such as in the transmission and storage of data or communication across low-bandwidth links.


“emCompress-PRO is the ultimate compression package,” says Ivo Geilenbruegge, Managing Director at SEGGER. “It offers all the compression and decompression capabilities you’ll ever need for any kind of system. One package fits all.”


The emCompress-PRO software also comes with licenses for the more specialized members of the SEGGER compression family: emCompress-ToGo with SMASH-2, designed to run on the smallest of microcontrollers, emCompress-Flex with LZMA for applications requiring high compression, and emCompress-Embed with multiple compression algorithms, optimized for compressing embedded data such as FPGA images.


To evaluate emCompress-PRO, a trial package is available for download. It includes tools to test and compare compression and decompression of the included algorithms.


For more information on emCompress-PRO, please visit:



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