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IAR Systems introduces 64-bit Arm core support in leading embedded development tools
Easy migration from 32-bit to 64-bit architectures paves the way for future-proof embedded development with the complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench Uppsala, Sweden—February 22, 2021—IAR Systems®, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, proudly presents that its C/C++ development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for ...
IAR Systems strengthens functional safety offering with extended standards coverage
In addition to previous certification according to IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, EN 50128 and EN 50657, the certified edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm now covers IEC 60730, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, IEC 61511 and ISO 25119  Uppsala, Sweden—February 18, 2021—IAR Systems®, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, has updated the ...
SEGGER Introduces Flasher Compact - The Credit-Card-Size Almost-Anything-Programmer
The SEGGER Flasher Compact is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool in a housing with a footprint smaller than that of a credit card. While the Flasher Compact can be used in stand-alone or PC-based mode, it is primarily designed for integration into production rigs or automated test equipment (ATE) where space is limited. The unit is both powered and controlled via ...
Percepio Announces Tracealyzer Support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing)v
Tracealyzer showing Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP running on four cores. Västerås, Sweden, 16 February 2021  * * * Percepio®, the leader in visual trace diagnostics for embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced Tracealyzer® support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP systems. Now Azure RTOS developers can enjoy the same level of insight into multi ...
5 Tips for Fast Debugging of Deployed IoT Devices
The real test of IoT devices comes after shipping, when thousands of end users start using your product, sometimes in unexpected and untested ways. No software is entirely bug free, so some users will run into those remaining bugs. The question is how many and what you do about it. Follow these five best practices to reduce development risk, find out about ...
5 Steps to Speed Multithreaded Embedded Software Development
Your organization can get to market faster with higher-quality products when given better insight into the “dark side of the code”—the actual behavior of the full software system. Intended and actual behavior may differ in myriad ways that are not apparent from the source code and are difficult to detect by functional testing. This is an increasing challenge for developer ...
SEGGER Ecosystem Available for the Renesas RE Family MCUs
SEGGER Microcontroller, in cooperation with Renesas, announces the availability of its entire product portfolio for the Renesas RE Family microcontrollers (MCUs). This includes a full line of development tools, embedded software and production tools, making firmware development for the Arm-based Renesas RE MCUs fast and easy. Development can now begin with SEGGER’s Embedded Studi ...

INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.