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Sifos PSA 5.0 Release Available - Recommended Update for PSA, PSL, and PVA Customers

The PSA 5.0 release including software, firmware, and technical documentation is now officially avaialble for PSA-3000, PSL-3000, and PVA-3000 test instruments and therefore, this release renders older PSA 4.x.xx releases obsolete. All customers of these test instruments are encouraged to upgrade to PSA 5.0.00.

With PSA 5.0.00 software, there is no longer a need to retain older PSA 4.2 software. The PSA 5.0.00 release provides access to all essential resources supported under PSA 4.2 software and offers updates beyond PSA 4.2 software in areas such as PSE automated test suites. Any user scripts written in PowerShell PSA under PSA 4.2 software should be fully compatible with PSA 5.0 software with just one exception: Scripts written for proprietary 4-Pair PSE testing under PSA 4.x may not be compatible with PowerShell PSA 5.0.

PSA software has evolved continuously over the past 18 months from PSA version 4.2.xx with the most prominent changes including:

  • New PSA Interactive GUI for Managing PSA-3000 and PSL-3000 instruments .
  • Seamless Conversion Between Testing 2-Pair and 4-Pair (802.3bt) PSE's using PSA-3000 and PSL-3000 instruments.
  • Heavily Revised PowerShell PSA to Support 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE testing with Identical Command Sets.

Over this 18 month period, there have been many hundreds of refinements spanning all aspects of PSA software and affecting all test instruments including PVA-3000's. The PSE Conformance Test Suite for 802.3at PSE's is currently at version 5.0.05 and has progressed beyond the final version under PSA 4.2 software (version 4.2.26).

PSA 5.0.00 Release Notes are available for more information on this topic. Please contact Gerard Fianen if you have any questions and we will certainly address. Thank you.




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