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We offer a proven solution to emulate both the Telepresence server(s) and a high number of clients.

Telepresence Test Solution
Telepresence’s success is based on the ability to conduct live meetings, from remote sites, over IP networks. Telepresence is feature rich, one of these features is the ability to stimulate the attendees senses, by the delivery of high quality video and audio components.  More sophisticated systems go further to deliver a complete in the room presence or sensation. Testing Telepresen ...
DiversifEye 5500 10G L2-7 stateful test system
Shenick’s  diversifEye  5500  is  an  integrated  emulation,  test  and  performance  analysis  solution  for  next  generation network architectures and applications. The key benefit of Shenick’s diversifEye 5500 solution is the ability to emulate large volumes of fully stateful traffic flows and produce in real tim ...
Testing around Cisco TelePresence System (CTS)
The Cisco TelePresence System (CTS) is a high-end enterprise focused video conferencing endpoint application utilizing the SIP protocol with audio and video capabilities. Shenick diversifEye emulates the CTS to test & measure: - the stability of the network.
- the impact multiple CTS have on the network.
- CTMS server and management platform functionality, scalability & perfor ...


INDES-IDS BV biedt oplossingen voor zowel embedded software-ontwikkeling als voor telecommunicatie-NEMS en -aanbieders. In deze markten bieden wij producten van ofwel de marktleider ofwel de innovatieleider. Ons doel is om u te assisteren om eerder de markt op te kunnen doordat wij u een combinatie van producten, kennis en diensten bieden.