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Partners, Prisma-Engineering

PRISMA Engineering leads multi-user, scalable load&stress test and monitoring solutions for cellular networks. The largest wireless network equipment Vendors and Operators worldwide depend on complete testing solutions that PRISMA provides and maintains. PRISMA's engineering team provides experience in all areas of hardware and software design, and an excellent software library encompassing all relevant protocol stacks for GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE standards and more. Recently added testing solutions based on Software Defined Radio will now expand the scope of PRISMA solutions to the entire range of interfaces used in mobile networks, especially for Evolved EDGE and LTE radio systems.


Multi-Terminal Simulation over the Radio Interface :

  •     MsSIM – GSM/EDGE and Evolved-EDGE  >>
  •     3GSIM – UMTS and HSPA/HSPA+  >>
  •     BssSIM-R - GSM-R Core and Radio Network Simulator (ERMTS) >>
  •     UeSIM – LTE and LTE-Advanced  >>

Wired Interface Simulation :

  •     Abis Tester – GSM load and stress testing 
  •     Iub Tester – UMTS load and stress over STM-1 and IP 

Common Architecture :

  •     Software Defined Radio Solutions 
  •     Wire-Speed Solution    

Why Prisma

One of PRISMA Engineering's key advantages is that it is the sole developer and owner of its products. These include all of the source code and commercial rights to a huge SW library encompassing all the relevant protocol stacks for GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, WiMax and many other standards. Aside from guaranteeing future-proof investment protection, this means that we can customize our technology instantly on demand. Engineering support services for our customers remain at the heart of our business. Maintaining a presence in our Customers' test labs is essential to PRISMA Engineering's success, ensuring that we keep serving their needs in the best possible way, with a test system solution and services that does not ask them to adapt, but instead adapts to their needs.

Where we are

Prisma's headquarters are in Milan, Italy, the most important centre for telecommunications in Italy and where most of the Network Equipment Vendors have a local presence. Besides the main centre in Milan, Prisma is also present with its own personnel in Shanghai, China and Paris, France. Several sales representative and distributors have been selected in Europe, Americas and Asia.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Fianen.





INDES-IDS BV biedt oplossingen voor zowel embedded software-ontwikkeling als voor telecommunicatie-NEMS en -aanbieders. In deze markten bieden wij producten van ofwel de marktleider ofwel de innovatieleider. Ons doel is om u te assisteren om eerder de markt op te kunnen doordat wij u een combinatie van producten, kennis en diensten bieden.