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PoE and PoE+

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is rapidly becomming a very popular technology to supply power to network equipment. We offer a wide suite of tools for testing your PoE device during both development and production.


Ethernet PHY tester ( PVA-3000 PhyView® Analyzer )
Comprehensive 10/100/1000 PHY Testing Made Easy   Fully Automated, Multi-Port PHY Qualification Test performs moderate coverage Transmission and Receiver Tests on 10/100/1000Base-T Ports in as little as 75 seconds per port.    
The PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer is designed to bridge the wide coverage gap between comprehensive Ethernet twisted pair PHY compliance testing ...
PHY Peformance Test Suite
Comprehensive 10/100/1000 Interface Testing Simplified Ethernet interface testing has never been easier than the PHY Performance Test Suite for the PhyView Analyzer.  This group of fully automated tests can be automatically sequenced across up to 24 10/100/1000BaseT ports to produce colorful and graphical reports of interface performance.   Sequencing and reporting is accomplishe ...
PowerSync® Analyzer 3000 Family
The worlds leader PoE and PoE fully atomated testsystem for lab, production and conformance testting. The  PowerSync® 3000 family also covers PoE loads and small 2 port testers. Power-Over-Ethrnet+  PSE Evaluation, Design, QA, System Test PSA-3000 and PSA-3024  2 - 48 port PowerSync Analyzer
PSA-3000 & 3048 Key Feature ...
PSL-3000 Load Tester
The Sifos Technologies PSL-3000 provides a one-box solution to facilitate testing and analysis of IEEE 802.3at Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) behaviors.   Each test port inside a PowerSync 3000 Programmable Load is an autonomous and fully isolated instrument offering stimulus and measurement resources.  Test ports are configured and controlled via a high level automation interf ...
PSE Conformance Test Suite
New Features of the Second Generation (version 4.0.xx) PSE Conformance Test Suite: Complete 802.3at Automated Compliance Testing Full Support of LLDP-Capable PSE's Complete Emulation Flexibilty for all PD Classes 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 Diagnostic Waveform Trace Retention and Display of ALL Waveforms Captured per Test The PSE Conformance Test Suite is a fully automated, highly adaptive group ...
PowerSync Analyzer Family
The Sifos PowerSync Analyzer family is a leading edge test platform built from the ground up for testing the IEEE 802.3af compliance and multiport capabilities of Power over Ethernet switching equipment. ·  PowerSync Programmable Load ·  PowerSync Analyzer (PSA-1200) ·  Compact PowerSync Analyzer ·  RackPack PowerSync Analyzer
In addition ...
PSE Multi-Port Suite
The PSE Multi-Port Suite takes the PowerSync Analyzer and it’s proven PSE Conformance Test Capabilities into the realm of fully automated PSE System Power Management, Capacity Analysis, and Multi-Port Timing and Interaction testing covering up to 192 total PSE ports.  This set of highly unique capabilities enable product developers and QA professionals to gain totally new insights into ...
802.3at LLDP Emulation and Analysis
With the 802.3at standard, PoE has moved in the direction of bypassing layer 1 PD classification in favor of a MAC (or Link) Layer PD classification that offers very high power distribution granularity and enables dynamic negotiation of power levels between PSE and PD. The link layer scheme uses a PoE-specific Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) as specified in the new Clause 79 of IEEE 802.3 wi ...
PoE+ Powered Device Analyzer ( PDA-300)
PD Evaluation, Design, QA, Manufacture, Field Verification PDA-300
Powered Device Analyzer for
PoE+ Testing Key Features Automatic Test of IEEE 802.3at PD Parameters One-Button 802.3at Test Sequence and Report PD Load Monitoring and Class Compliance Analysis PD Load Monitoring over Voltage Informative Pop-Up Spreadsheet Reports and Statistics PD Power So ...
PDA-LLDP Powered Device LLDP Analyzer
The IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standard requires that all "Type-2" (>13Watt) Powered Devices support the new PoE LLDP protocol.    This protocol allows PSE's and Powered Devices (PD) to communicate power requirements and power allocations with 0.1 watt granularity.   It also allows for in-service adjustments to power allocations. Unlike traditional LLDP (Layer 2) protoc ...
PoE Service Analyzer
  The Sifos Technologies PoE Service Analyzer combines the Sifos PowerSync Analyzer PSA-1200 and Compact PowerSync Analyzer PSA-100 with specialized application software to enable the most comprehensive and fully automated testing available for PoE analysis and qualification at a Powered Device service access point.   The available tests go well beyond standard power-up and lin ...


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