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PowerSync® Analyzer 3000 Family

The worlds leader PoE and PoE fully atomated testsystem for lab, production and conformance testting. The  PowerSync® 3000 family also covers PoE loads and small 2 port testers.

Power-Over-Ethrnet+  PSE Evaluation, Design, QA, System Test

PSA-3000 and PSA-3024  2 - 48 port PowerSync Analyzer

PSA-3000 & 3048 Key Features

  • 42 Watts Continous per Port
  • Industry Leading 802.3 PoE PSE Conformance Tests
  • Fully Automated Multi-Port  PSE System Analysis
  • Flexibly Configured 2 to 24 Test Ports
  • Accurate Measurements of Voltage, Current, and Noise
  • Diagnose PSE Problems Quickly with Standard Waveforms
  • Flexible PD LLDP Emulation and Analysis
  • Replaces All General Purpose Test Equipment
  • Software Compatible with PSA-1200, PSA-3002, PSA-3048
  • Smart Fan Control - Runs Cool and Quiet



PSA-3048; RackPack PowerSync Analyzer  (click to enlarge)


Powerful PSE Analysis with PowerSync Analyzer Scope Displays

Standard PSE state behaviors are just one button click away with the Standard Waveforms feature included with all PowerSync Analyzers.*  Ideal for troubleshooting Conformance Test problems or evaluating PSE state transition behaviors.


 Screenshot (click to enlarge) 





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