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Physical Layer Switches

Indes offers the widest array of matrix switching solutions through its partnership with the leading technology provider, allowing users to share network monitoring tools (probes, analyzers, sniffers) throughout an entire network infrastructure. This reduces CAPEX and OPEX expenditures while increasing network productivity. Switches range from 16 to 288 ports, and support copper and fiber networks with speeds up to 10 Gbps.


IntellaPatch Series 3000 Network Monitoring Switch
The flagship IntellaPatch® Series 3000 10G switch family is the highest capacity and most scalable network monitoring switch solution available on the market today – offering five sizes of chassis and an interchangeable family of blades. When configured with IntellaPatch blades, the Series 3000 is a highly available, low-latency aggregation switch. When IntellaFlex blades are instal ...
IntellaPatch Series 2000 - Test Lab Switch
The IntellaPatch Series 2000 family of layer 1 switches enables cost-saving test lab automation at the physical layer, the foundation of every enterprise network or interoperability test lab. Wire-Once Design
Wire-once technology combined with easy to use software allows IT and test lab personnel to use the IntellaPatch Series 2000 10Gb switch to automate and manage their networks with incre ...
IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blades - 10G Ethernet
Today’s data center managers face a growing set of challenges – including the need to monitor a rapidly growing number of 10G Ethernet network segments. This trend is driving the need for organizations to invest in 10G monitoring devices. However, the reality is that network engineers often have to rely on 1G monitoring tools due to budget constraints and existing investments. Highest ...
IntellaPatch PLS Management Software
APCON offers five software interfaces – each designed to meet the unique requirements of different users and organizations. Combined with an IntellaPatch® switch, these tools provide the ideal solution for electronically sharing expensive monitoring equipment and testing devices across an entire network.   WEBX

WebX is the embedded web interface included on all IntellaP ...
IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blades - 1G & 10/100
1G Ethernet is still the most commonly used data rate for corporate networks, yet most installations utilize a mix of 10/100, 1G, and 10G links. APCON IntellaFlex blades offer data rates from 10/100Mbps through 40Gbps, and the ability to shift data rates to deliver your data to any available tool. Save Tool Budget With Data Rate Conversion
Data rate conversion through IntellaFlex blades allo ...
IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blade - 40G
Ethernet running at 40 Gigabits per second is the new standard to meet bandwidth demands in production data centers. Even the largest and most advanced data centers are working to provide adequate data security with a limited selection of tools capable of monitoring traffic at 40G Ethernet speeds. Highest 40G Port Density
This new IntellaFlex blade provides 8 ports of 40G Ethernet, together ...
Data Storage, Capture & Analysis
APCON's IntellaStore 1RU network monitoring switch with Wireshark packet capture offers a capability unique among network data analysis switching solutions – the power to isolate portions of network traffic and then store and analyze them right on the switch.
Onboard Disk Storage
IntellaStore allows network engineers to save filtered data captures from a single source or mult ...
Monitor Smaller & Remote Locations
Many data center managers face the challenge of factoring remote network monitoring locations into their overall effort. While these sites typically have fewer ports, they face the same security and up-time challenges as the core network. In addition, these sites are often geographically distributed – including branch locations, satellite offices or lights-out facilities. Optimized for Smal ...
Network Latency Measurement (Time Stamping)
In stock exchange and other automated trading environments, network latency is expressed as the delay induced as a transaction packet travels over the network. In this environment, millisecond-level delays can have a profound effect on a trader's results. Financial companies operating high speed trading networks must measure network latency to prove they are providing the lowest possible laten ...
Packet Deduplication
Packet duplication is a constant problem in all large scale data center networks. Redundant copies of packets are recorded from many monitoring points across a network, and can overload network monitoring tools. Eliminating duplicate packets also increases recordable network time, providing greater visibility. The IntellaFlex Solution: Packet Deduplication
The solution to redundant packets i ...
Packet Slicing
Enterprise data centers deal with massive amounts of monitoring data in the form of complete packets. However, many critical monitoring tasks are concerned only with the data contained in the packet header. By slicing each packet to include only the header information, vastly more data may be put through to the monitoring tools, extending their capabilities and enhancing your network visibility wh ...
Passive Tap
APCON's new ApconTap simplifies network monitoring and security efforts by providing failsafe passive network taps designed to fit in the same data center rack near any APCON IntellaPatch Series 3000 chassis. Modular Failsafe Design
The ApconTap modular design eliminates unnecessary cabling and connections, improving both reliability and security. The unpowered passive Ethernet tap desig ...
Switch-Embedded Managed Tap
The IntellaTap blade simplifies network monitoring and security efforts by providing managed taps embedded into an APCON IntellaPatch Series 3000 chassis. Managed Tap Design
This integrated failsafe design eliminates unnecessary cabling and connections, improving both reliability and security. The IntellaTap blade is a managed tap, offering statistics, diagnostics, and SNMP capabilities whil ...
WebX, CLI & SNMP - Embedded Switch Management & Control
WebX is a web-based graphical interface to APCON intelligent data traffic management solutions. WebX allows engineers to build, save, view and recall device connections between SPANs/TAPs and monitoring tools using intuitive, Visio-like diagrams. Drag and Drop Functionality
Additional new features include a Global View screen that offers convenient, drag and drop functionality for managing c ...
NetVis - Simplified Network Monitoring Interface
NetVis switch management simplifies the task of connecting network data sources to monitoring tools. Intuitive Design
This optional advanced graphical interface software displays ports in two customizable groups – such as SPANs/Taps and
tools – to simplify the process of making connections for troubleshooting and network analysis. Setup is accomplished with a convenient wiz ...


INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.