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Secure Flash programming

It is common to employ a contract manufacturer (CM) to mass-produce products. CMs have access to customer IP and large quantities of the components they are contracted to produce. Because of this, it is essential that customers control both their IP and limit CM production to prevent theft and secure revenue. To combat these threatsit is essential to cover mutual authentication, authorization, and confidentiality to secure your IP and production run. As an IP owner, you have full end-to-end control of your production chain.


Authorized flashing
    Authorized flashing security feature Authorized flashing limits the number of flash programming cycles and protects the Flasher against non-authorized access in the case of external production.  
  With the help of the "authorized flashing" feature, a maximum number of programming cycles can be set (in CntDown.txt) while the Flasher ...
Flasher Secure
Flasher Secure — The flash programmer for authenticated off-site production
Flasher Secure allows full control over the programming process. That makes it the ideal solution for protecting a vendor’s intellectual property (IP) in any production site. Overview The Flasher Secure is a mass production tool, intended to be used at an external manufacturing company. The goal i ...


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