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IAR Functional safety tools overview

Building applications with ensured functional safety can be both challenging and time consuming. We are here to guide you!

Our tools are certified according to ten different standards for functional safety. Combined with our dedicated team and long-term safety support services, we are ready to help you succeed with your next safety-critical application.

Functional safety in embedded systems

In short, functional safety is about protecting users of a product or system from harm. It’s part of the overall safety of a system that depends on automatic protection operating correctly in response to its inputs or failure in a predictable manner.

With growing complexity in embedded systems, functional safety is becoming more and more important.

To be able to build applications with ensured functional safety, you often need to provide extensive documentation for selecting a particular toolchain and to prove that you are compliant with specific requirements in your sector.

By choosing a pre-certified solution, you will save both time and cost which enables you to focus more on your code and the features of the application.

Does your project require functional safety?

What we can offer you:

- Development tools certified by TÜV SÜD
- Long-term technical support through a special functional safety agreement
- Safety certificate renewal as long as agreement is active
- Coverage of 10 safety standards
- Full flexibility with wide tools support across architectures
- We are here to help you, all the way from project start to end of product life cycle.

Certified by TÜV SÜD – What does it mean?

The functional safety editions of our tools are certified by the safety-accredited certification body, TÜV SÜD, as qualified for development of safety-related applications according to the mentioned standards.

By selecting IAR Embedded Workbench, functional safety edition, as a development tool, you do not have to evaluate the tool development process yourself and also not demonstrate language standards compliance by your own testing. This has already been taken care of by TÜV SÜD. The same applies to the functional safety editions of IAR Build Tools.

The certification was proceeded by a thorough assessment of how IAR Systems develop, test and support its software.

Broad coverage of standards

To suit different application needs, we provide functional safety tool editions for a number of different architectures.




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