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SCIOPTA received an updated certificate by TÜV Süd for its SCIOPTA Safety Certified RTOS. The new version includes now also Analog Device Blackfin, Infineon Aurix, Renesas RXv2 and ARM ARMv8-A Architecture (AArch64 only).

Following CPUs remain fully supported: ARM architectures ARMv4T, ARMv5T, ARMv5TE, ARMv6, ARMv6-M, ARMv7-M, ARMv7-R and ARMv7-A. Renesas RX and NXP Power Architecture.

As now required by Railway Manufacturers, SCIOPTA has been specifically audited for EN 50128:2011. Before it was often accepted to have the IEC 61508 certificate for EN 50128 Projects. Tables A.1 to A.23 of EN50128 Techniques and Measures have been included.

For more information regarding Sciopta please contact Glenn Moloney at Indes IDS.



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