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PoE+ Powered Device Analyzer ( PDA-300)

PD Evaluation, Design, QA, Manufacture, Field Verification

Powered Device Analyzer for
PoE+ Testing

Key Features

  • Automatic Test of IEEE 802.3at PD Parameters
  • One-Button 802.3at Test Sequence and Report
  • PD Load Monitoring and Class Compliance Analysis
  • PD Load Monitoring over Voltage
  • Informative Pop-Up Spreadsheet Reports and Statistics
  • PD Power Source to 30 Watts
  • Compliant 2-Event High Power Grants
  • THRU Port for External PD Control, Packet Test, & LLDP Test
  • Optional User-Defined Tests and Limits
  • Use Stand-Alone or with Host PC
  • Available as PDA-100 to PDA-300 Upgrade

Operate PDA-300 Locally or from Microsoft Windows GUI

Capture Test Data to Standard Spreadsheet Report

Evaluate PD loading to assess PD Class or Request Level Compliance


How to buy

For any enquiries regarding Sifos range of products, please contact Gerard Fianen at Indes - IDS B.V.



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