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Top Performing Modular Tap with the Highest Density on the Market

Flex Tap is the newest Tap in the Net Optics arsenal, and it comes with a spectrum of market-topping features. For one, it can support up to 24 Taps in a 1U space, second, it’s the first Tap in the industry to support 100G for up to 2.4Tbps of throughput.


Flex Tap, 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G

Space and Cost Savings

With space at a premium in the data center the need for a compact and easily scalable Tap that fits into a smaller footprint, is even greater. The Flex Tap is designed to fit up to 24 taps in a 1U panel with simplified rack mount ability, with the LC adapters facing forward, for maximum cost and space savings. The rack mount and modular Tap design provide the ability to mix-and-match speeds and connectors of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G within a single deployment for even greater flexibility.
Non-Intrusive Threat Protection

Flex Tap’s all-optical design is optimized for high-performance fiber networks. The Tap is 100 percent passive and easily removable. When placed on network links, it requires no power and maintains permanent access ports without introducing a point of failure or disrupting other network connections. The absence of an IP address provides isolation from the network and eliminates the Flex Tap's exposure to attacks.
Total Monitoring Visibility

Monitoring devices connected to Flex Tap have total visibility—seeing all full duplex traffic as if it were in-line, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors. Flex Tap delivers simplified full-duplex monitoring 24/7 with custom monitoring cables, that sends each side of the monitor link to a separate NIC on the monitoring tool.

Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temperature: -10ºC to 70ºC
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing

Tap Dimensions: 1.63” High x 7.82” Deep x .66” Wide
Rack Dimensions: 1.74” High x 8.41” Deep x 19.0” Wide

Fiber Type
Core Size: 50/125μm; Wavelength: 850nm/1300nm
Core Size: 62.5/125μm, Wavelength: 850/1300nm

Single mode:
Core Size: 8.5/125μm; Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm

Network Ports: (2) Duplex LC connectors
Monitoring Port: (1) Duplex LC connector

Split Ratio Single mode

Split Ratio        Network Port Insertion Loss      Monitor Port Insertion Loss

50/50                          4.5 dB                                             4.5 dB
60/40                          3.1 dB                                             5.1 dB
70/30                          2.4 dB                                             6.3 dB
80/20                          1.8 dB                                             8.1 dB
90/10                          1.3 dB                                           11.5 dB 

Split Ratio Multimode

Split Ratio          Network Port Insertion Loss    Monitor Port Insertion Loss

50/50                           3.7 dB                                            3.7 dB
60/40                           2.8 dB                                            4.8 dB
70/30                           2.0 dB                                            6.1 dB



Fully RoHS compliant
Regulatory Certifications: UL, CE

Part Numbers :

TP-1-SX-50-zz          Flex Tap, Fiber, 1G, SX,50μm
TP-1-SX-62-zz          Flex Tap, Fiber, 1G, SX,62.5μm
TP-10-SR-50-zz        Flex Tap, Fiber, 10G, SR,50μm
TP-10-SR-62-zz        Flex Tap, Fiber, 10G, SR,62.5μm

Single mode
TP-1-LX-85-zz          Flex Tap, Fiber, 1G, LX, 8.5μm
TP-10-LR-85-zz        Flex Tap, Fiber, 10G, LR, 8.5μm
TP-40-LR-85-zz        Flex Tap, Fiber, 40G, LR, 8.5μm
TP-100-LR-85-zz      Flex Tap, Fiber, 100G, LR, 8.5μm

RK-FLEX-24                Rack Mount

* The variable ”zz” denotes the split ratio specification “50”=50:50, “60”=60:40, “70”=70:30, “80”=80:20, “90”=90:10


Doing Our Part

We are dedicated to ensuring user safety, and developing products that are environmentally focused. All of our Flex Taps adhere to UL and CE safety certifications and meet the RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.



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