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IPv6 deployment testing with support for Dual-Stack Lite

Shenick continues to lead IPv6 deployment testing with support for Dual-Stack Lite
DiversifEye now provides fully stateful, per-flow IP application testing for Dual-Stack Lite.

IPv6Shenick Network Systems, the global award winning provider of per-flow, IP communications test systems, has enhanced the functionality of its diversifEye product line by enabling tunneling of IPv4 traffic flows over IPv6. The new software release offers the first opportunity to test Dual Stack Lite deployments at application traffic layers. diversifEye is used to emulate stateful IPv4 application flows over IPv6 tunnels, along with measuring performance and quality or experience (QoE) on each and every tunneled application flow.

"IPv6 is finally coming of age and therefore a pragmatic approach to dealing with dual stack deployments requires a carefully crafted quality and performance test approach in real application environments, as offered by Shenick's diversifEye" said Olga Yashkova, Analyst, Test & Measurement, Frost & Sullivan.

Robert Winters, CMO, Shenick said, "Dual-Stack Lite is becoming a popular IPv6 migration choice as it utilizes both the existing IPv4 address architecture and the new IPv6 address scheme to connect existing and next generation services. Service Providers migrating to IPv6 with a Dual-Stack Lite approach must deliver a high level of reliability and quality of end user experience".

Shenick diversifEye is used to emulate a wide range of end-point test configurations and scenarios; IPv4 only, IPv6 only and mixed IPv4/IPv6 all with stateful application traffic flows such as video, voice, web, email and P2P. diversifEye provides performance, QoS/QoE measurements on each each and every emulated flow. diversifEye's per flow capabilities means any number of application traffic flows may be added to a single tunnel, which in turn can be expanded to hundreds of tunnels, testing the scalability and reliability of the tunnel concentrator.

About Shenick Network Systems

Shenick a provider of IP communications test systems, enables converged IP network service providers to test the complete service delivery lifecycle from lab to live deployment. Shenick addresses next-generation converged network and application performance issues for IPTV, VoD, Telepresence, Triple Play (VoIP, video, data), IMS, Security Attack Mitigation, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Traffic Shaping, Peer to Peer(P2P), Application Server, Metro Ethernet and IPv4/IPv6 hybrid network deployments. Established in 2000, Shenick has deployed its diversifEye, diversifEye10G integrated network, application and security attack emulation and performance monitoring systems to converged IP-oriented network service providers, communications equipment manufacturers, large enterprise and governments globally.

diversifEye is a registered trademark of Shenick Network Systems.

For an online demo of Shenick’s diversifEye visit: Testing Triple Play with diversifEye Video

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