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Polystar certifies its solution towards the GSMA roaming quality framework

Polystar OSIX, a leading supplier of OSS/BSS solutions, today announced that it has become self-certified as a Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) Monitoring Provider under an initiative developed by GSMA, the global trade association for the mobile communications industry.

The Global Roaming Quality initiative provides a new framework for improving end-to-end roaming service quality and a mobile user's experience through the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) for quality of service (QoS) and the use of roaming service level agreements.

Polystar OSIX, an active member of GSMA, participated in the GRQ trial process that demonstrated the validity of the proposed framework for roaming QoS monitoring. Following successful completion of the GRQ self-certification process, Polystar has become one of the first GRQ providers officially listed by GSMA.

The GRQ framework incorporates a list of 40 QoS parameters, alongside details of the monitoring methods that are used for measuring them. Polystar's GRQ solution enables operators to get a global perspective on roaming quality. It also helps operators to focus roaming resources where they are most needed and speed up the resolution of roaming QoS problems. These advantages lead to an improved experience for the mobile user, and benefit the operator through increased roaming usage and better customer retention. Two members of Telenor group have deployed the Polystar GRQ solution and already benefit from this innovative framework.
About Polystar OSIX

Polystar is a leading telecommunications supplier providing world-class Service Assurance and Network Performance Monitoring solutions, side by side with the innovative Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform, which grants a competitive edge to any mainstream CEM offerings. Polystar delivers solutions to leading telecom operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers world-wide that provide real-time visibility into the service quality delivered to each individual subscriber. Polystar empowers network operators—be it for legacy fixed and mobile networks or for new LTE/IMS technologies—to make business-critical decisions with speed and accuracy. Learn more about Polystar GRQ solution here »




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