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Polystar's Jupiter

Polystar's ground-breaking Jupiter application suite helps operators develop their businesses, and drives the change towards customer centricity, by providing a common platform throughout the organisation. It takes OSS and performance monitoring of services and user experience to the next level, helping telecom operators to be in control of their services.

Jupiter Overview
Jupiter – Smart tools turn network intelligence into subscriber satisfaction. Polystar’s groundbreaking Jupiter application helps operators develop their business, and drive the change towards customer centricity by providing a common platform throughout the organisation. Jupiter takes OSS and performance monitoring to the next level by giving telecom operators control over their ...
Business value With a tool like Dashboard, you will have a helicopter view of your telecom network in order to be able to always direct your resources where they are best needed. Here you can combine multiple KPI views from several technologies, dimensions, and data sources into one view. If all systems are "Go", there is no need to do anything, but as soon as anything strays from the normal stat ...
Business value The Inspector application is an advanced and flexible online data-analysis tool that gives more in-depth information about a selected KPI. From the network overview in Dashboard, the user can go to Inspector to study a particular KPI in more detail, to determine what needs to be done. Together with the KPIs, a large set of reporting and analysis functions are available, which makes ...
Event Analyser
Business value The Event Analyser application supports fast and flexible analysis of individually stored events (xDRs) down to the level of a single subscriber. When needed, Event Analyser is a superb tool for finding out the root cause of problem, and gives the user the capability to immediately see to the solution.
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Subscriber Analytics
Subscriber Analytics business value Subscriber Analytics offers completely new possibilities for customer service or second-line technical service to directly solve the problem for the customer, as it gives the agent all the information needed to guide the customer through whatever might have gone wrong. The agent can directly recommend a solution to the customer, such as a handset replacement or ...
Business value The Alarms application lets you configure and view alarms, as well as enable predefined or customised alarm definitions. Alarms can be viewed in real time and filtered from a network, customer, and service perspective, indicating degrading trends for KPIs and KQIs.
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