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DiversifEye 5500 10G L2-7 stateful test system

Shenick’s  diversifEye  5500  is  an  integrated  emulation,  test  and  performance  analysis  solution  for  next  generation network architectures and applications. The key benefit of Shenick’s diversifEye 5500 solution is the ability to emulate large volumes of fully stateful traffic flows and produce in real time analysis on a per flow basis.

Testing  highly  scalable  and  converged  networks  is  a  complex  challenge.  diversifEye’s  per-flow  test  architecture simplifies this challenge, enabling Service Providers and Equipment Vendors to concentrate on delivering the most efficient, advanced service or solution offerings. diversifEye not only simplifies the challenge of testing at this scale but provides real time Quality of Experience performance metrics on each and every individual applicaton, on each and every emulated end-point. 


DiversifEye 5500 Test Scenarios

Performance hand-off in Cloud Computing -
Cloud computing is highly scalable, in which revenue generation is dependent on the ability to metricize the hand-off of excessive traffic to overflow servers. The reverse is also true, the overflow servers are released when demand recedes on the main server. The 'Per flow' benefit of Shenick’s diversifEye 5500 is used to test hand-off thresholds on a granular basis, while delivering fully stateful traffic flows at scale.

Check out the application note Testing Cloud Computing with diversifEye for more details.

- LTE EPC connectivity performance

LTE's EPC manages millions of requests, and is the critical access point of connection to the internet. Determining limitations and performance of applications at peak times require a highly scalable solution like Shenick’s diversifEye 5500. Stateful traffic flows enable tests which take into account TCP control signals such as retransmissions, a vital component in understanding critical bandwidth and resource limitations during busy hours.

- Telepresence

Test the video delivery quality and switching capabilities of the Telepresence architecture by measuring Video and Audio performance for each and every conference participant. The benefit guarantees a reliable video conference experience for a Telepresence deployment by testing the combined operation and performance of the call management systems, network and access QoS by emulating a range of conference scenarios from simple interoperability to large-scale long-duration video conferences.

- Secure Media

DiversifEye is used to emulate many application endpoints including real IP Phones running TLS sessions through a Call Manager/firewall and sending RTP using SRTP. diversifEye 5500 emulates many individual unique endpoints and measures in real time per MAC, DHCP v4/v6 session establishment, individual TFTP registration with Call Manager, individual parsing of TFTP information per emulated VoIP endpoint model, SIP/TLS session, RTP/SRTP session with Call Manager.

Check out the application note Secure media testing with diversifEye for more details.

- Security Attack Mitigation

diversifEye 5500 reflects the real stresses induced by the aggregated triple play of IPTV, VoD, VoIP and Data Applications from access to network core. Networks must cope with the proliferation of security attacks such as DDoS, SPAM and Viruses. diversifEye 5500 offers the ability to launch massive security attacks to really test the capability of networks to mitigate against such intrusions while still offering a high quality end user experience. Understanding the limitations huge traffic volumes place on 10 gigabit ethernet environments, this includes attack and SPAM traffic coupled with regular traffic place increasing performance strains resulting in reduced end consumer quality of experience.

Check out the application note Security Attack Mitigation testing with diversifEye for more details.


DiversifEye 5500 Summary

 A single Chassis Solution with enhanced performance and throughput.
 Multiple Gbps of fully stateful application traffic flows per chassis.
 Integrated software performance measurement and analysis tools.
 6 x 10Gbps test port interfaces per chassis.
 Daisy chain test systems with multiple test ports and speeds e.g. 10 ports x 10GbE + 10 ports x 1GbE.


Discover more about 10Gbps stateful traffic emulation in our datasheet diversifEye 5500 10Gbps layer2-7 stateful traffic emulator (diversifEye_5500.pdf)

For mre information please contact Gerard Fianen at INDES-IDS BV.




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