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DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is responsible for enforcing traffic shaping and policing and increasingly includes security attack mitigation functions. Fair usage of bandwidth policy management, P2P traffic shaping and filtering, QoS and SLA management, traffic profiling and statistical information gathering are gaining increasing importance. Fundamentally, DPI devices must identify and if necessary act upon each and every network traffic flow. Testing DPI devices therefore requires a ‘Per Flow’ approach involving emulation and analysis of multiple application `types in real time. Diversity of application types and flows are key to successful DPI testing.


DPI Test scenarios (click to enlarge) 

Sample DPI Test Scenarios

  • Per Flow, Emulation and Performance Measurements –
      Emulate thousands of real clients running multiple applications. Ensure each client and application are identified correctly. Measure
      performance impacts such as latency on the individual flows.
  • False Positive/False Negative Identification –
       Ensure that all emulated flows are classified correctly, with minimum errors in terms of handling. Test that no flow is misclassified
       e.g. SMTP, POP flow identified as illegal and filtered, and that no illegal flow is passing unchecked.
  • P2P identification and control –
       Emulate a large number of clients running legal P2P flows and include illegal P2P flows. Ensure the correct identification and control
       mechanism is occurring on the legal and illegal P2P flows.
  • Per flow QoE testing in normal and security attack conditions –
      DPI devices are expected to identify and filter illegal traffic such as SPAM, Virus and DDoS attacks. Emulate extreme traffic conditions with
      good and bad client traffic applications running, ensure all flows are identified   and handled correctly.

diversifEye™ is the only integrated network, application and security attack emulation and performance analysis IP test system providing granularity on a per flow basis. Mix real flows and replay functionality to deliver the widest mix of application traffic types.  To validate throughput, profiling capabilities and traffic shaping of DPI devices requires real network flows and conditions. diversifEye is a single chassis solution providing the flexibility and functionality to control and deliver these large scale unique conditions.




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