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Jupiter Overview

Jupiter – Smart tools turn network intelligence into subscriber satisfaction.

Polystar’s groundbreaking Jupiter application helps operators develop their business, and drive the change towards customer centricity by providing a common platform throughout the organisation. Jupiter takes OSS and performance monitoring to the next level by giving telecom operators control over their services and the user experience. Jupiter is a revolutionary tool that provides customised real-time views of business intelligence to various departments of your organisation via personally adapted dashboards.  from senior management to engineering and customer care, Jupiter makes sense of the millions of informational elements generated every day in the operator environment. The result is a unique, end-to-end multidimensional perspective of service delivery and customer experience not previously available in the telecommunications industry.

Cutting-edge Solutions

Jupiter applications and features are bundled into different solutions, suitable for different departments within your business. the solutions gather all relevant information for monitoring one particular area in one dashboard, for example wireless  pS, carrier performance, or Subscriber analytics. each solution also comes with a selection of ready-to-use reports. what is more, Jupiter’s interface gives you a high degree of freedom to create your own monitoring environment, with customised dashboards or views tailored to the specifc needs of your organisation.

Solutions supported by Jupiter

Network Service assurance
 • Wireless PS (Packet Switching)
 • Wireless CS (Circuit Switching)
 • IMS 
 • Fixed Line (PSTN and VoIP)

Customer assurance
 • Subscriber Analytics
 • Corporate/VIP Analysis
 • Handset and Device Analysis
 • Marketing Intelligence

Interconnect peering assurance
 • Carrier Performance

Roaming assurance
 • Roaming Analytics
 • Global Roaming Quality

Prioritise foods of data and focus your efforts

The telecommunications industry has an ever-increasing demand for instant analysis of large amounts of complex data, as well as management of real-time information feeds. In this flood of data, Jupiter provides crucial prioritisation. knowing where to focus your efforts to resolve customer-impacting problems has never been this easy.  Through Jupiter’s unique reporting capabilities, users can work with visualisation techniques to easily identify and prioritise their tasks. with the help of graphs, colour, grouping, and drill-down it becomes easier than ever to ensure that high-priority revenue-impacting issues are resolved frst. Jupiter is an ideal tool for many different departments in a carrier’s organisation—from senior management, to network engineering and customer care. Also, having a unifed visualisation tool through many areas of the business improves inter-departmental communications and understanding.

The power of visualising with Jupiter applications

Jupiter gives the user access to all possible perspectives, from a helicopter view to unmatched drill-down capabilities for in-depth network investigation. Jupiter’s graphical
interface encourages proactive use and inspires new data-monitoring methods to better reveal degrading trends and other anomalies. potential problems can be dealt with
before they affect quality of service, thus increasing your competitive edge. Jupiter applications are designed to improve effciency and support the operational workfow, from KPI and KQI overviews to root-cause analysis. drill-down starts with a helicopter view in the dashboard application. When an issue arises in a dashboard, you go to the inspector application to analyse the data in more detail, and perhaps ultimately to the event analyser, where data can be studied on an XDR level.


The dashboard application is the nerve centre of Jupiter, where you gain an instant overview of your network. Here you can combine multiple KPI views from several technologies, dimensions, and data sources into one view. if all systems are “go”, there is no need to act, but as soon as performance changes from the normal state it will show up on the dashboard. and a full analysis is quickly executed via  inspector and event analyser.
The dashboard application comes with a set of predefned views. these views can easily be adapted to ft each user, from upper management to technical support. Similarly, the
set of kpis and KQI's can easily be changed or customised according to the needs of each user. When further analyses of kqis/kpis are required, the user can drill down to the inspector
application to investigate the KPI's in more detail.


The inspector application is an advanced and fexible online data-analysis tool that provides deeper information about selected  kpis.  from the network overview in
dashboard, the user can go to inspector to study a particular kpi in more detail to determine what needs to be done. together with the kpis, a large set of reporting and
analysis functions are available, which makes it possible to customise the workfow to each operator’s preferences and processes. 

Event analyser

The event analyser application supports fast and fexible investigation of individually stored events (xdrs) down to the level of a single subscriber. event analyser is a superb
tool for revealing the root cause of a problem, and lets the user immediately see to the solution. Using these three Jupiter applications, operators can achieve a completely new level
of monitoring to help optimise networks performance.  In a market where competition for new customers is ferce, Jupiter helps operators to reduce churn by always being in control of network delivery.

Subscriber analytics

Subscriberanalytics is polystar’s innovative application for customer experience management. It offers completely new possibilities for customer service or second-line technical service to directly solve end-user problems. Agents gain all the information needed to guide the customer through problem-solving measures. Agents can directly recommend a solution to the customer, such as handset replacement or the sending of new settings to correct a malfunction or misconfguration.
• Displays instant views of perceived quality and percentage of faults per IMSI
• Shortens support-call hold time and reduces multiple call-ins 
• Enables fast escalation of relevant faults to second- and third-line engineers
• Provides suggestions for probable fault causes using “Worst Performing handset” reports 


The crystallizer application is polystar’s innovative graphical user interface for managing large amounts of complex data for real-time analysis. the crystallizer user interface displays a
multi-coloured mosaic of rectangular felds, the characteristics of which contain information on user, service, or network performance. the size of a feld refects the volume of the
underlying data, while the colour refects the urgency of an issue. This offers a new and effcient method of prioritisation not previously available in the industry. 


The alarms application lets you confgure and view alarms, while also enabling predefned or customised alarm definitions. Alarms can be viewed in real time and filtered from a network, customer, and service perspective, indicating degrading trends for KPI's and KQI's.

• Absolute/Percentage alarms 
• Trending/Standard deviation alarms
• Alarm levels
  - critical
  - major
  - minor
  - info
  - clearing
• Time-based activation of the alarms (days, time, and exclusion of defined alarms) 
• Alarm handler
  - colour marking according to severity
  - State mark (active, acknowledge, and clear)
  - filtering, sorting, and searching
• Immediate prompting; when accessing the system, the user will immediately be informed of any active alarms
• Links to other applications, to support further analysis of the triggered alarms
• Graphical alarm presentation
• Alarm distribution, for example using SNMP

Corporate / VIP analysis

Often, a large portion of operator revenue comes from a relatively small number of subscribers. Clearly, this group deserves extra attention. In addition to generating higher
revenues, vip customers are also often keen early adopters of new technologies, phones, and devices, thus helping operators to enhance their services.Supervision of kpis and kqis is performed in near real-time from a vip dashboard, which displays performance indicators for individual vips. Alarms for each vip subscriber can be generated using customisable thresholds for degrading trends or failed SLA levels. In addition, the solution has extensive reporting capabilities that enable continuous follow-up of quality of experience, traffc volume and service usage for each VIP.

Subscriber analytics

Polystar provides a specifc Jupiter application for customer experience management. The Subscriber  analytics application helps you give your customers more accurate
answers to their support questions. Quickly solving problems via customer support turns potentially dissatisfed customers into happy ones—who will then recommend your network to friends for its good service. With the help of Subscriber analytics, you will be able to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, operators may
be able to increase earnings by up to 15% just by focusing on keeping their customers, instead of chasing new customers to replace lost business.

Handset and device analysis

Many problems in mobile and VoIP networks can be attributed to the subscriber device. These may be the result of misconfguration or software-related problems that cause incompatibility issues between the application online and the application in the client. In addition, it has become clear that some devices tend to perform poorly in conjunction with certain vendor equipment in the network. Polystar’s solution enables full insight into how a particular subscriber handset is being used, the quality this device is delivering, and the location of any associated problems. Analyses can be based on, for example, voice calls, SMS's, or mobile data services.

Marketing intelligence

Winning new customers requires understanding a target group’s behaviour, for instance preferences in handsets and services as well as patterns of use. now it is possible to capture this information before launching costly marketing campaigns or deploying new services. our solution provides service usage and device information per customer segment, by separating customers into pre-paid, post-paid, geographical area, age, etc.

For example, the solution might reveal the following about female users who are 22 years of age:

• they prefer a NOKIA N97
• the most popular service on the rise is Spotify
• they primarily use this service around 5:00 pm

With access to these data, it becomes possible to pinpoint specifc offers to different customer groups. for an SMS-intensive group you can fnd out which handset is used the most in order to maximise revenue from that customer group.

Carrier Performance

As interconnect traffc represents a large proportion of any operator's revenue, it is vital that quality is monitored and ensured, and that SLA's are fulfilled. The polystar solution collects information about all interconnect traffc, and provides real-time, historical and trend-based reporting and alarms on performance indicators from interconnect trunks—per carrier, per destination, per source or any combination thereof.  The intuitive user interface presents interconnect quality information in real time, enabling quick re-routing should any interconnect partner not meet stated performance levels.

Roaming analytics with GRQ

International wireless roaming is a vital contributor to every operator’s profts. Polystar’s roaming solutions rely on our network probes to ensure that all information relating to all
roamers and their activities is seen. whether you are looking to fnd out where in the network inbound roamers are lost or gained, or generating grq reports, polystar provides real-time visibility of all roaming activity inside and outside your network. With polystar roaming analytics you get the complete picture of the delivered service quality, with multidimensional KPI's for voice, SMS, and data/video.  It helps operators speed up the resolution of roaming QoS problems, leading to an improved experience for the mobile user, which benefts the operator through increased roaming usage and better customer retention.

Mikael Grill / CEO Polystar Group

“achieving true Subscriber-focus is a challenge. that’s why we developed Jupiter. we underStand that any network iS only aS good aS the operator’s ability to see, understand and fix problems. Jupiter’s unique multi-dimensional visualisation of network intelligence gives you both the broad oversight and the deep insight necessary to optimise performance and keep users Satisfied over the long term.”     

How to buy

For more information about Polystar's Jupiter suite, please contact Gerard Fianen at INDES-IDS BV.




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