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Partners, Polystar OSIX AB

Polystar designs, develops, delivers and supports systems that increase the quality, revenue and customer satisfaction of telecommunication services. We have long-term objectives in everything we do, building our strategy and solutions around market and customer needs and not around the requirements of our shareholders. Our consistent profitability and strong balance sheet helps us stay in the forefront by investing in strategic developments of tomorrow’s technologies. Polystar’s mission is to remain at the forefront of communications technology and develop innovative and market-leading solutions for customers all around the globe.


Products include :

- Monitoring systems for Mobile (2G, 3G, LTE) and Wireline (TDM/VoIP) networks

- Extensive reporting applications

- Extensive higher level application suites

- Load testing for mobile networks


History :

2009 Polystar OSIX closes the fiscal year for 2008/2009 with the best result in company history.

2008 Polystar Group celebrates its 25-year anniversary with an unbroken profitability streak of 25 years. Polystar opens a regional sales office in Singapore.

2007 Polystar Group surpasses 100 employees. Polystar opens a regional sales office in Dubai.

2006 Polystar Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is founded in China. Polystar Instruments, Inc. is founded in the USA.

2005 Polystar merges with OSIX AB, creating Polystar OSIX AB

2001 Polystar establishes an R&D company in order to develop OSS/BSS solutions and 3G-load testers.

1998 OSIX AB is founded.

1997 Polystar becomes a reseller of probe-based OSS/BSS solutions.

1995 Polystar becomes a reseller of monitoring systems for the telecom market.

1989 Polystar becomes a reseller of test systems for the telecom market.

1983 Polystar AB is founded. The company focuses on products for the antenna and cable-TV market.


Polystar Osix HQ:

Polystar OSIX AB
Mårbackagatan 19
SE-123 43 Farsta, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 50 600 600
Fax: +46 8 50 600 601

Polystar has offices in the following cities:

* Umeå
* Dallas
* Beijing
* Shanghai
* Singapore
* Frankfurt
* London
* Moscow
* Dubai
* Muscat



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