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Fanfare and Shenick partner to build Integrated IP Communications Test Solution

Shenick’s diversifEye Adds Per-Flow Testing to Fanfare’s iTest for NGN Applications and Services

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — September 30, 2009 - Fanfare, delivering innovative testing solutions to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service providers (SPs), and enterprises, today announced that Shenick Network Systems will add full plug-in support for iTest ®, Fanfare’s flagship test automation software. Shenick’s diversifEye™ will now enable SPs, Cable MSOs, and NEMs to add per-flow testing to Fanfare’s iTest automated testing environment.
The integrated module will enable carriers and device manufacturers of NGN and next- generation wireless products and applications, such as LTE, to streamline communication during acceptance testing, reducing the amount of time required to resolve issues. In Fanfare’s automated testing environment, NEMs and SPs will now gain visibility into each network application and individual user-flow using Shenick’s per-flow architecture. This simplified process of automating and sharing test cases results in an enhanced quality of products and services, reduced time to market, and improved productivity across the entire product development and service deployment life cycle. 

Fanfare’s partnership with Shenick addresses the growing challenge faced by NEMs and SPs to test increasingly complex devices and networks, such as those being built to offer the next evolution of wireless services.

“Our customers continue to develop and deploy increasingly complex next-generation wireless and wireline products and applications that require advanced testing methods, so working with Shenick is a natural fit,” said Tom Ryan, CEO of Fanfare. “The combination of Shenick’s per-flow approach to testing multi-play services, and Fanfare’s proven expertise in test automation, provides customers with a complete testing package to ensure that they are delivering products and services of exceptional quality in a very competitive marketplace.”

NGN and LTE services and applications bring with them increased quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) demands. Per-flow test and measurement is the only mechanism to guarantee performance at these granular levels enabling providers to pinpoint application and individual user issues accurately.

 “Solving QoS and QoE issues right down to each individual user continues to be one of the greatest challenges for our customers as they look to perfect multi-play services,” said Robert Winters, CMO of Shenick. “Shenick and Fanfare now enable customers to build automated testing on a per-flow level into their processes resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.”


About Fanfare

Fanfare provides software solutions to high-tech equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises that simplify and accelerate device and system testing. Developers and testers create and share automated tests that control and analyze results from multiple devices, traffic generators, and applications while automatically documenting each test with pass-fail criteria. With Fanfare solutions, companies can move along the path toward automation while accelerating QA cycles, reducing time to market, and increasing the quality of released products. Industries such as communications, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical devices have benefited from Fanfare products.

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About Shenick Network Systems

Shenick a provider of IP communications test and performance monitoring systems enables converged IP network service providers test and monitor the complete service delivery life cycle from lab to live deployment. Shenick addresses next-generation converged network and application performance issues for IPTV, VoD, Triple Play (VoIP video, data), IMS, Security Attack Mitigation, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Traffic Shaping, Peer to Peer (P2P), Application Server, Metro Ethernet and IPv4/IPv6 hybrid network deployments.  Established in 2000, Shenick has deployed its diversifEye™, diversifEye10G™ and servicEye™ integrated network, application and security attack emulation and performance monitoring systems to converged IP-oriented network service providers, communications equipment manufacturers, large enterprise and governments globally.

servicEye, diversifEye and diversifEye10G are registered trademarks of Shenick Network Systems.

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