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Wireless ATE Testing

Together with RTX A/S we offer a unique combination of wireless test products and services.


RTX2254 - Bluetooth Low Energy RF tester
Supports Bluetooth 4.0-5.1 and provides a cost-effective way of monitoring quality and performance of BLE devices by allowing users to test key RF parameters on both the PCBA and final assembly level. RF measurement performed in Direct Test Mode or Advertising mode.   SYSTEM COMPONENTS
The RTX2254 consists of a dedicated RF analyzer and
generator and a versatile software ...


INDES-IDS BV biedt oplossingen voor zowel embedded software-ontwikkeling als voor telecommunicatie-NEMS en -aanbieders. In deze markten bieden wij producten van ofwel de marktleider ofwel de innovatieleider. Ons doel is om u te assisteren om eerder de markt op te kunnen doordat wij u een combinatie van producten, kennis en diensten bieden.