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ISP for Zilog Z8 Encore!, Crimzon and Neo

The MPQ-Z8 is a member of  RPM’s family of dedicated in-system device programmers. Like all MPQ’s, it is designed to be reliable, efficient,  flexible and cost effective - all of the features you require in a manufacturing programmer.

  • Fast and Portable


Up to four different target images can be stored in the programmer’s internal Flash memory, allowing faster programming times and standalone operation. In addition, our adaptive programming algorithm provides the fastest programming time for each image, while ensuring the image integrity of each device programmed.

  • Program up to 64 Devices Simultaneously

Four port programming allows each MPQ to program the same image on up to four separate target devices simultaneously, increasing manufacturing throughput

  • Stand-alone,  ATE-Controlled or PC-Controlled

MPQ-Z8 can be operated stand-alone (just press a button to initiate programming), directly from a host PC using MPManager software, or under the control of
your Automated Test Equipment (ATE) system.

  • Full Range of Voltage and Frequency Support

MPQ-Z8 is compatible with the full Z8-Encore! range of power supply voltages, from 2.7 to 3.6V, and operates with any supported target system clock frequency
from 32KHz to 20MHz.

  • Rugged and Ready for Manufacturing World Wide

Features like an extruded aluminum chassis, universal power supply and extensive electrical protection ensure that MPQ-Z8 will be at home in any manufacturing

  • Powerful Software - Field Upgradable

MPQ-Z8 comes complete with MPManager software to provide programmer configuration and image management, PC-controlled device programming, and more. MPManager also provides the ability to upgrade your MPQ-Z8 programmer on site as support for new devices is released by RPM.

  • Secure Image Management

Secure your programming images, preventing them from being read back from the programmer, and define a maximum number of parts to be programmed from each
image. Send your MPQ to CM’s anywhere in the world without worry.

  • Autoserialization

MPQ-Z8 supports on-the-fly image modification, allowing each device to be programmed with a unique serial number, MAC address, IP address, etc.

Models available :

• MPQ-Z8  
Note: will soon cover the NEo series next to the current Encore! and Crimzon.

Supported Devices :

Please find the up-to-date supported devices (Encore! and Crimzon) list here >>
Pease find the up-to-date supported devices (Neo) list here >>

How to buy :

Please contact Gerard Fianen to discuss your configuration and get a quotation today.




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