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emUSB Host Stack

Segger’s USB host software stack implements full USB host functionality, including external hub support, and optionally provides device class drivers. It enables developers to easily add USB host functionality to embedded systems and is universal and not depending on a certain RTOS.

The software stack complies with the USB v1.1 and USB v2.0 specifications. It supports all transfer modes (control, bulk, interrupt, isochronous) at low, full and high speed. USB pipe management and extended error recovery mechanisms that are required for reliable operation are implemented internally.

The modular design enables applications to access the USB host programming interface directly, or to use APIs exposed by class drivers. At its upper edge a class driver typically attaches to an operating system module such as a file system.

The stack can handle multiple devices and hubs simultaneously and fully supports hot plugging of devices and hubs. The programming interface supports dynamic device enumeration and identification.





Several licensing models are available, including Per Developer Licensing. More here>>

How to buy

For any enquiries regarding SEGGER EmUSB, please contact Gerard Fianen at Indes - IDS B.V.





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