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ITTIA Launches Edge Data Processing & Management Database for Microcontrollers, MCUs

Today, ITTIA, a leading provider of high-performance embedded database software for autonomous systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, announced a new release of ITTIA database for microcontroller (MCU) devices, ITTIA DB IoT.


ITTIA DB IoT for MCUs is a time series embedded database for data processing and data management on devices running real time operating systems (RTOS). This database technology is suitable for device applications that require fast response to process data, such as events and alarms, that both push and pull updates. It is architected for sensors to process streams of data and enables devices to separate valuable information from massive raw data by monitoring, collecting, processing, and running embedded continuous queries. This innovative embedded database balances edge and Cloud Computing for Scalable IoT Systems.


ITTIA DB IoT will enable manufacturers of embedded systems and Internet of Things, IoT, devices to optimize data management costs, reduce latency, increase scalability, and benefit from the ease of development for deploying and managing complex embedded systems. The unique ability of ITTIA database for MCUs empowers devices to process time series data streams in real time, while devices locally manage collected data for future analysis and querying. Systems embedded with ITTIA DB IoT efficiently ingest time series data from various data sources onto local flash media, export analyzed data in timestamp order, and run real time queries according to application data management requirements.


ITTIA DB IoT is architected to make the edge data management and processing journey seamless, cost-effective, and modern, as it brings core database competencies to MCUs where resources are limited.


“The core foundation of ITTIA DB IoT is a powerful database architected with MCUs in mind. This high-performance embedded database for data processing and data management offers high ingestion rate capability to the edge devices, as well as the flexibility of integration with other companion software residing on or outside MCUs,” said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA president. He added, “ITTIA DB IoT empowers sensors and edge devices to monitor, store and run real time queries against large volume data streams. The concept of data as the new oil really is true. ITTIA DB IoT acts as an on-site refinery that transforms crude raw data into valuable information before leaving the IoT edge.”


ITTIA DB IoT is available for evaluation at:



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