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Embedded Libraries

SEGGER has made availsble a number of libraries that can assist embedded developers. Not only is the code well tested and supported by Segger engineers, companies using the code can also feel save from risk of and IP claims on the code.

ELFLib The ELF library from the Embedded Experts
The SEGGER ELFLib is a library for extracting various information from ELF files, be it generic ELF related information (e.g. section information), or compiler specific debugging information (e.g. variables/functions, their types, address, ...) The SEGGER ELFLib is the preferred solution when creating visualization utilities, target control utilities and similar, that nee ...
emCompress - Embedded Compression Tool
emCompress-Embedded Compression Libraries
Achieve more with highly efficient data compression!   For embedded devices, apps and PC software Small decompressor ROM footprint Wide range of compression algorithms Simple to configure, and integrate Three editions to fit any need for compression Zero RAM algorithm included About emCompress
Reduced data siz ...
emLib - AES, DES, CRC, ECC
emLib is a collection of software modules such as, cryptographic modules and data integrity checks for different purposes. It includes AES and DES encryption as well as CRC and ECC. emLib is designed for portability to any device. The modules can be used in PC applications, as well as on embedded target devices. emLib is optimized for speed performance and a small memory footprint. The sources a ...


INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.