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PoE Service Analyzer






The Sifos Technologies PoE Service Analyzer combines the Sifos PowerSync Analyzer PSA-1200 and Compact PowerSync Analyzer PSA-100 with specialized application software to enable the most comprehensive and fully automated testing available for PoE analysis and qualification at a Powered Device service access point.   The available tests go well beyond standard power-up and line voltage measurements found in low cost, hand-held analyzers to fully assess interoperability risks, safety hazards, and PoE performance limitations at the connection to any Powered Device.

Key features include:

  • The only test product that can assure a fully interoperable and safe PoE Service at the PD connection.  (Low cost, handheld PoE Testers will only verify a PoE Connection and DC voltage available to a “typical” PD.)
  • The only test product designed to troubleshoot intermittent PoE service problems.
  • Automatically delivers colorful spreadsheet, graphical, and text format reports to support maintenance records.
  • Created by the industry leader in PoE Conformance and Multi-Port System testing.
  • May be optioned to include the robust Sifos PSE Conformance Test Suite.

The PoE Service Analyzer is also available as a standard application on the PSA-1200, PSA-2400 RackPack, and PSA-100 Compact PowerSync Analyzers.



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