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PDA-100, Powered Device Analyzer






The PowerSync PDA-100 is a one-box solution for high-coverage testing and analysis of PoE Powered Devices (PD). It provides go/no-go automated sequences covering PD detection, classification, power-up, and power-down characteristics with built in limits for 802.3af compliance and PD classification integrity verification. It also offers real-time monitoring of PD power consumption across the full range of input voltages.


Key features include:

  • Only single-box comprehensive test solution for PoE Powered devices available in the market
  • One button automated PD Testing and Analysis
  • Defect coverage and automation well beyond that of comercial PSE’s and DC Power Supplies
              o ALT A/B and MDI/MDI-X Permutation Testing
              o Power (Load) over Voltage
              o On-Off Thresholds
              o Detection Impedance Measurement
              o PD Classification Validity
  • Rapid Plug ‘n Play: Plug in, turn on, test PD’s
  • Versatility: 802.3af Standard or User-Defined test sequences and test limit configuration


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