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High Power PSE Testing with the PowerSync Analyzer

With the anticipated release of IEEe 802.3at expected in 2008, first generation high power devices and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) are currently in active development throughout the networking industry.  High power PSE's with capability to deliver well in excess of the 15.4 watt requirement of IEEE 802.3af PSE's are becoming available ahead of IEEE standard.
IEEE 802.3at will specify a "Medium Power" 2-pair solution for the delivery of up to 30 Watts of power to a Powered Device.  PSE's will be required to deliver over 35 Watts of continuous DC power to fulfill this requirement. PSE's may range upwards of 39 Watts in continuous output capacity on a single PSE port delivered on either ALT A or ALT B transmission pairs. DC currents will exceed 700mA and overload thresholds will approach 850 mA to 900 mA in many cases.
The PowerSync Analyzer may be utilized today to test next generation high power PSE's and associated product prototypes. Sifos Technologies has incorporated into the PowerSync Analyzer capabilities to combine two physical test ports from a PowerSync Analyzer test blade to serve as a single high-power test port for the following purposes.

      Active Loading to 1000 mA total load
      PD Emulation including Class 4
      Voltage, Current, and Power Measurements
      Fully Automated High-Power PSE Conformance Testing
      Packet Data Transmission Testing under High Power Loads

The only additional hardware required to enable high power PSE testing is a simple RJ-45 line splitter available from Sifos as an integrated PSA Port Combiner assembly.



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