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IEC-61508 SIL-3 and SIL-2 Safety Certified Real-Time Kernel

SCIOPTA 61508 is a pre-emptive multi-tasking high performance real-time kernel which includes many built-in safety features. As a direct message-passing kernel, SCIOPTA is very well suited to be used in safety-critical applications.


Safety-Certified Data Transfer
The SCIOPTA kernel can observe data transfer between processes by testing checksums over message data areas. These certified functions ease the workload of the designer of safety software considerably. Leaving this duty to the kernel results in shorter development time and reduced costs.

The SCIOPTA message consists of a header including the process ID of the sender, owner and addressee, a data area of any size and an end-mark which is checked by the kernel.

No Shared Memory
Shared memory is the standard method for interprocess communication in traditional real-time operating systems. The user is fully responsible to protect shared memory with semaphores and to associate semaphores with data areas and types.
There is no need for shared memory in a SCIOPTA system. Direct message passing is safer. All data is encapsulated inside messages and the kernel protects message data by controlling ownership.

Safe Memory Management
Processes can be grouped together into SCIOPTA modules. Each module can have up to 128 pools to hold SCIOPTA messages.
SCIOPTA supports a module friend concept. Friendship between modules can be defined and configured by the user. This friendship setting defines if messages are copied or not when they are crossing module boundaries.

Modules and pools can be located in the same or in different memory segments. With the SCIOPTA Memory Management System (SMMS) and a Memory Management Unit (MMU) full memory protection can be achieved.
Execution Control
In a SCIOPTA system the user can include own functions called Hooks at specific system events.

For example the message transmit hook, the message receive hook and the process swap hook allows the user to realize an execution control which can be an important safety function in a certified system.

IEC 61508 Certification
SCIOPTA is in the final stages of certification by TÜV to the IEC 61508 standard at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

IEC61508 is the international standard focusing on safety-related systems that incorporate electrical, electronic and/or programmable electronic (E/E/PE) instruments and devices.

Initially mainly used in the automation and process control industry, IEC61508 is more and more accepted for applications in other industries including automotive and medical where safety and reliability are paramount.

SCIOPTA safety documentation is extensive and includes the Safety Manual.

All other certification documents such as Safety Requirement Specification, Design Specifications, Test Specifications, Safety, Validation and Verifications Plans are available upon request.




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