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Secure Embedded Database for IoT Devices

Monitor, Store, and Act on Real-Time Data Metrics, Logs, and Events

ITTIA DB IoT for MCUs is a time series data management platform for real time IoT data processing and management. IoT devices benefit from ITTIA DB IoT stream processing capabilities to gain rapid insights from large volumes of raw data, separate and store valuable information, and act. This modern data management technology is suitable for device applications that require a fast response to process data, such as events and alarms, that both push and pull updates. ITTIA DB IoT is architected for sensors to process streams of time-series data and enables devices to separate valuable information from massive raw data by monitoring, collecting, processing, and running embedded continuous queries.

Advantages of ITTIA DB IoT include stream data processing and real-time data management for edge applications, to filter and process data originating from a complex flow of data events. Its special data processing capabilities empower smart sensors and devices to make sense of every bit of raw data and identify alarming information.

With a massive volume of data flowing in real-time, ITTIA DB IoT data processing capabilities enable edge applications to analyze data and perform continuous analysis. ITTIA DB IoT is scalable to any number of edge devices, so edge

applications can capture data flows from multiple sources, analyze data, and emit valuable findings as events.

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The ITTIA DB IoT Real-Time Event Streaming Engine Is Designed for Secure Data Aggregation

ITTIA DB IoT is a powerful tool for aggregating, filtering and processing data from real-time embedded systems. One of its unique advantages is integrated device data processing to aggregate raw data originating from a complicated flow of events. Sensors and devices can make sense of every bit of raw data, identify alarming occurrences, and save relevant data.

ITTIA SDL is Conformant to the Principles of IEC/ISO 62443

ITTIA security practices and features assist manufacturers of IoT edge devices with advanced and integrated software development methods, infused by a secure development life cycle based on zero trust principles, enabling makers of IoT edge devices to mitigate unpredictability. From product conception to end-of-life, ITTIA adheres to a secure-by-design development methodology, and ITTIA DB offers a complete solution to secure data on IoT devices.

ITTIA DB IoT security protocols are the ideal protection for embedded systems data. Security offering includes support for encryption and authentication, Security Expert Agent Library, known as DB SEAL monitors and safeguards database responsibilities, input, and data metrics in real-time. ITTIA SDL is Conformant to the Principles of IEC/ISO 62443.

Small Memory Footprint Database for Constrained IoT Devices

Embedded systems generally have limited memory, and ITTIA DB IoT is designed to minimize both ROM and RAM memory overhead to assure devices experience the best performance. ITTIA DB IoT is scalable for various MCUs and its modular architecture enables developers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with a low memory footprint.

Time Series Database for MCUs

With ITTIA DB IoT high-performance embedded database inside, even low-frequency microcontroller devices can ingest tens of thousands of sensor data points per second, directly onto local flash media. With such a fast ingestion rate, embedded IoT systems are able to rapidly monitor, query, and analyze data to identify interesting and alarming information right where it originates. This precision in data processing and management makes ITTIA DB IoT an ideal choice for various markets, including industrial automation, automotive, medical devices, robotics, and smart machines.

Secure MCU Data

Physical assaults that directly target the device data, as well as communication attacks between IoT devices and attacks on the database, all require attention. ITTIA DB IoT data security offers data protection against malicious attacks and is the ideal protection for embedded systems and connected IoT devices because it offers unique real-time data protection through encryption and authentication.

Support for a Variety of Processors and Boards

ITTIA DB IoT offers portable APIs across the most desired real-time operating systems and hardware. ITTIA supports a variety of 32-bit Arm cores from major semiconductor vendors and selected 64-bit Arm cores. Instead of writing fresh code for each port, database code is reusable, which saves development time and maintenance costs.


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