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SEGGER J-Trace PRO Cortex- M

J-Trace PRO is an advanced debug probe that supports Arm's advanced tracing features of Arm Cortex-M cores. It can capture complete instruction traces over long periods of time-thereby enabling the recording of infrequent, hard-to-reproduce bugs. This is particularly helpful when the program flow "runs off the rails" and stops in a fault state.

In combination with our toolchain independent debug software Ozone and the extensive example project library, including the most popular target devices, our J-Trace PRO user gets the best possible trace experience.


J-Trace PRO offers an extensive featureset fulfilling any requirement a J-Trace PRO user might have. The most prominent features that make this trace probe the leading trace probe are as follows:

  • Streaming Trace
  • Unlimited Trace Buffer
  • Trace support for Cortex-A/R/M target devices
  • Live Code Coverage
  • Live Code profiling
  • Power Trace of target device's current consumption
  • Cross Platform Support (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • Supported in most popular IDEs
  • Free stand alone debugger Ozone can be used with any tool chain to enable tracing
  • Unlimited Flash Breakpoints
  • Trace Reference Board included for quick and easy first steps
  • Fanless design

Streaming Trace
One of J-Trace PRO's main features is the so called Streaming Trace. With this feature J-Trace PRO can process instruction trace data sent from the target device in real-time fashion using trace pins. That way the user knows exactly what the target device is and was doing at any point in time. This does not only enable a deep insight in any application running on the target device but offers also additional powerful debug strategies that can be applied.

Real Time Profiling
Real Time Profiling provides visibility as to which instructions have been executed and how often-so hotspots in an application can be addressed and optimization opportunities identified. These profiles can later be exported using e.g. Ozone debugger for documentation and analysis purposes.

Real Time Code Coverage
Real Time Code Coverage helps engineers have visibility over which parts of the application code have been executed.


J-Trace PRO - Get ready in less than 10 minutes (9:38)

Get Started Easily
J-Trace PRO has been designed to work out-of-the-box with most trace capable target devices. An extensive list with tested target devices gets updated regularly with the latest target device releases. In all other cases J-Trace PRO offers additional features that can make any trace setup possible. It has never been easier to get a trace setup up and running.

Trace Reference Boards
Every J-Trace PRO package comes with a Cortex-M Trace Reference Board included. Other Trace Reference Boards based on other target devices are also available. The Trace Reference Boards are perfect for quick and simple trace setups and can be used as reference for custom board designs.


Model Comparison
Hardware features like Ethernet interface, USB full- / high-speed interface, etc. are J-Trace model specific features which can not be updated or changed by software updates. For more information please visit our J-Trace PRO overview webpage.





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