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RTX2254 - Bluetooth Low Energy RF tester

The RTX2254 RF test platform for Bluetooth Low Energy is an efficient, cost-effective RF tester for testing the typical key parameters of the receive and transmit paths in BLE products.It allows you to perform tests of BLE devices in an efficient and cost-effective way on both PCBA and final assembly level. Test cases cover the typical key parameters, and provides a very efficient way of monitoring quality and performance throughout the manufacturing process.

The RTX2254 has an integrated HCI interface with support for RTX’s driver as well as drivers for the various Bluetooth chip manufacturers. This funcionality enables users to support both standard HCI and vendor-specific commands.


RTX2254 BLE RF Tester

Features & benefits

  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0,4.1,4.2 & 5.0
  • Parametric test of key parameters Full HCI control of DUT during RF test via embedded interface
  • Auto-sensing level converter (HCI)
  • Interface to all devices through same USB port
  • Available with single or dual DUT support
  • Supports all generally available BLE chipsets
  • Competitively priced

Key test parameters

  • Transmit power
  • Carrier frequency offset
  • Reciever sensitivity
  • Packet error rate


Applications : 

RTX2254 RF Tester and Wireless ATE platformManufacturing

  • Automatic Test System (ATE) for inline test of BLE products
  • ATE system performing combined test of BLE product (firmware download, baseband and RF test) to acheive low cost for test
  • Dual slot and combined ATE system to optimize tact time and equipment utilization

QA Use

  • Manual or automatic sample test of manufactured BLE products

RTX2254 BLE RF TesterR&D

  • Controlling BLE device in R&D measurement setup
  • Swift verification of RF performance on prototypes












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