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Database Applications - Meter Shop Automation (MSA)

ITTIA Meter Shop Automation (MSA) is a software solution exclusively designed and developed for metering operations by energy utility professionals with decades of experience in the field. MSA handles receiving new and uninstalled meters, maintenance processes, and organizing meters for storage, installation, or retirement.

MSA is ideal for management, tracking, and maintenance of metering device assets. Natural gas and electrical utilities depend on MSA to automate the collection of meter information, enforce business rules, and act on exceptional cases according to each meter's complete history. With MSA providing a focus on meter management, utility companies can make informed operational plans and decisions.

MSA Enforces your Maintenance Policies

MSA tracks the maintenance and installation of metering devices in a central database, which empowers utility companies to accurately track each individual meter asset, installed or uninstalled. Meter records and history are well-organized, so meter shop employees can easily access individual meter records.

MSA enables managers and employees to communicate effectively within a meter shop facility. Managers define meter maintenance processes that step employees through a series of predefined tasks for each meter. After processing a meter, the employee selects the next process or destination. Based on the destination, MSA recommends a pallet that is currently loading.

Meter maintenance and testing is a critical task to ensure accuracy in billing and, for electric utilities, efficient distribution of power. MSA centralizes the collection of meter maintenance and testing history, for gas and/or electric, so that faulty meters and AMI modules can be identified before they are released into service. MSA interfaces with a variety of hardware available for meter testing and proving.

What is MSA?

  • For metering assets:
  • Management
  • Tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Automates collection of information
  • Enforces business rules
  • Designed by energy utility experts

Why Choose MSA?

  • Store meter data in a central database
  • Simple step-by-step processes
  • Improve consistency
  • Slash maintenance costs
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Intelligent asset tracking
  • Suitable for large and small shops


How MSA Aids Utility Meter Shops

  • Organize meters for storage, installation, or retirement
  • Track gas and electric meters
  • Receive new and uninstalled meters
  • High-level reports and analytics
  • Prevent meter management errors
  • Proven solution for meter management safety & security

The reporting capabilities of MSA provide a high-level overview of the metering device inventory, meter shop production, and employee productivity at any past or current date. History reports and shipping manifests are also available for individual meters and pallets. Managers also have access to a robust interactive for analytics and shop management.

When it comes to meter management, safety practices are exceptionally important. Utility companies use MSA to validate every meter before storage and installation. Access to MSA is protected by a secure user permission system, and all information collected by MSA is logged for auditing.

Contact ITTIA and learn how, with MSA, you can manage electric and gas metering devices, PTs, CTs, and similar assets.



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