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ISP for TI MSP430 family

FlashPro-430We offer economic but proven In-System Programming (ISP) solutions for your MSP430-based products that can both be used during development as well as for Production programming. Complete ISP Systems start around Euro 300,-- and include advanced software for scripting and serialization. A single PC can programm up to 64 devices in GANG. These are currently the fastest MSP430 ISP's available. We also offer programmers for the TI Chipcon and TI C2xxx / F28xx family.


The FlashPro-430 family offers :

  • USB based hardware supporting JTAG, BSL (Boot-Strap-Loader) and SBW (Spy-By-Wire) interfaces
  • Professionally made and recommended by Texas Instruments as the Third Party Tools source
  • Supports all MSP430Fxx microcontrollers. See MSP430 list below.
  • Supports bthe Security fuse
  • Can recalibrate the DCO and restore the DCO constants
  • Automated DCO calibration - up to eight DCO frequency can be calibrated and related DCO registers saved in the FLASH INFO memory.
  • Automatic serialization, can assign and automatically increment serial number, model type and revision.
  • Serial Number with or without an automatically inserted current date can be stored in the FLASH memory in HEX, BCD or ASCII format.
  • Serial Number can be read from the bar code using Bar-Code Scanner and saved in the target's device FLASH
  • Powerful Scripting
  • Up to 64 devices can be programmed from a single PC
  • Hardware can power the device
  • Blow the JTAG security fuse capability
  • Can also be used as JTAG emulator for various Debuggers including IAR Embedded Workbench


User interface (click to enlarge)

GUI (click to enlarge)

Serialization :

The programming software can assign serial number (S/N), model type, and revision. Each S/N is unique for each programmed device and is assigned automatically. Several SN formats are available. S/N are stored in the target's device Flash memory and in the log file. This Log file contains all assigned SN, models, used S/N formats, used code file names, time, date and so on.

How to buy :

Please contact Gerard Fianen to discuss your configuration and get a quotation today.

List of the supported MSP430 processors (02.July.2010) :

MSP430F110, MSP430F1101, MSP430F1101A, MSP430F1111A, MSP430F112, MSP430F1121, MSP430F1121A, MSP430F1122, MSP430F1132, MSP430F122, MSP430F1222, MSP430F123, MSP430F1232, MSP430F133, MSP430F135, MSP430F147, MSP430F148, MSP430F149, MSP430F1471, MSP430F1481, MSP430F1491, MSP430F155, MSP430F156, MSP430F157, MSP430F167, MSP430F168, MSP430F169, MSP430F1610, MSP430F1611, MSP430F1612

MSP430F2001, MSP430F2002, MSP430F2003, MSP430F2011, MSP430F2012, MSP430F2013, MSP430F2101, MSP430F2111, MSP430F2112, MSP430F2121, MSP430F2122, MSP430F2131, MSP430F2132, MSP430F2232, MSP430F2234, MSP430F2252, MSP430F2254, MSP430F2272, MSP430F2274, MSP430F233, MSP430F235, MSP430F2330, MSP430F2350, MSP430F2370, MSP430F2410, MSP430F2416, MSP430F2417, MSP430F2418, MSP430F2419, MSP430F247, MSP430F2471, MSP430F248, MSP430F2481, MSP430F249, MSP430F2491, MSP430F2616, MSP430F2617, MSP430F2618, MSP430F2619

MSP430G2001, MSP430G2101, MSP430G2111, MSP430G2121, MSP430G2131, MSP430G2201, MSP430G2211, MSP430G2221, MSP430G2231

MSP430F412, MSP430F413, MSP430F4132, MSP430F415, MSP430F4152, MSP430F417, MSP430F423, MSP430F4230, MSP430F423A, MSP430F425, MSP430F4250, MSP430F425A, MSP430F4260, MSP430F427, MSP430F4270, MSP430F427A, MSP430F435, MSP430F4351, MSP430F436, MSP430F4361, MSP430F437, MSP430F4371, MSP430F447, MSP430F448, MSP430F4481, MSP430F449, MSP430F4491, MSP430F4616, MSP430F46161, MSP430F4617,MSP430F46171, MSP430F4618, MSP430F46181, MSP430F4619, MSP430F46191, MSP430F47126, MSP430F47127, MSP430F47163, MSP430F47166, MSP430F47167, MSP430F47173, MSP430F47176, MSP430F47177, MSP430F47183, MSP430F47186, MSP430F47187, MSP430F47193, MSP430F47196, MSP430F47197, MSP430F477, MSP430F478, MSP430F4783, MSP430F4784, MSP430F479, MSP430F4793, MSP430F4794,

MSP430FE423, MSP430FE423A, MSP430FE4232, MSP430FE4242, MSP430FE425, MSP430FE425A, MSP430FE4252, MSP430FE427, MSP430FE427A, MSP430FE4272

MSP430FG4250, MSP430FG4260, MSP430FG4270, MSP430FG437, MSP430FG438, MSP430FG439, MSP430FG4616, MSP430FG4617, MSP430FG4618, MSP430FG4619, MSP430FG477, MSP430FG478, MSP430FG479

MSP430FW423, MSP430FW425, MSP430FW427

MSP430F5131, MSP430F5132, MSP430F5151, MSP430F5152, MSP430F5171, MSP430F5172, MSP430F5304, MSP430F5308, MSP430F5309, MSP430F5310, MSP430F5418, MSP430F5418A, MSP430F5419, MSP430F5419A, MSP430F5435, MSP430F5435A, MSP430F5436, MSP430F5436A, MSP430F5437, MSP430F5437A, MSP430F5438, MSP430F5438A, MSP430F5500, MSP430F5501, MSP430F5502, MSP430F5503, MSP430F5504, MSP430F5505, MSP430F5506, MSP430F5507, MSP430F5508, MSP430F5509, MSP430F5510, MSP430F5513, MSP430F5514, MSP430F5515, MSP430F5517, MSP430F5519, MSP430F5521, MSP430F5522, MSP430F5524, MSP430F5525, MSP430F5526, MSP430F5527, MSP430F5528, MSP430F5529, MSP430F5630, MSP430F5631, MSP430F5632, MSP430F5633, MSP430F5634, MSP430F5635, MSP430F5636, MSP430F5637, MSP430F5638

MSP430F6630, MSP430F6631, MSP430F6632, MSP430F6633, MSP430F6634, MSP430F6635, MSP430F6636, MSP430F6637, MSP430F6638

CC430F5133, CC430F5135, CC430F5137,

CC430F6125, CC430F6126, CC430F6127, CC430F6135, CC430F6137


Please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Fianen to discuss your programming application and request a quotation.




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