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USB-CAN module-1

The SYS TEC CAN USB Adapter, the USB-CANmodul1, was designed to provide a low-cost CAN-bus interface solution for connecting the CAN-bus to the PC via USB. CAN messages are tunneled transparently and therefore support all kind of higher-layer CAN-based protocols, such as CANopen, SDS, DeviceNet or J1939. Its new 32-bit CPU core ensures reliable communication even at high busload, and provides precise message time stamps.

The PC driver allows for easy plug&play installation and supports simultaneous operation of up to 64 USB-CANmodul devices on the same PC.

An extremely attractive price-performance ratio and the compact design make this CAN USB Adapter ideal suited for CAN-bus based development, service and maintenance tasks, as well as use in high-volume serial products.

CAN USB Adapter - Software Support

    * Configuration tool for managing multiple USB-CANmodul devices
    * PCAN View, a simple CAN monitor that allows for reception and transmission
      of CAN messages
    * Programmers API and demo source for Microsoft Visual C++, LabView,
      Visual Basic .NET
    * Device drivers available for Windows® 7/Vista/XP (32/64 bit), Windows® 2000,
      Linux, WinCE 5.0, WinCE 6.0

CAN USB Adapter - Key features

    * High-speed CAN interface according to ISO 11898-2
    * Time-stamped CAN messages
    * Supports 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers
    * Reliable error handling
    * Supports "listen-only" mode for use with analyzing tools
    * Low power consumption, USB powered
    * Excellent EMC performance
    * Works with USB2.0 hubs
    * Quick and easy Plug&Play installation
    * Up to 64 USB-CANmodul devices can be connected via standard USB hubs for simultaneous use on a single PC

CAN USB Adapter - Technical Data

    * High-speed CAN2.0B interface according to ISO 11898-2
    * Supported bitrates: 10 to 1000 kbps
    * Optional galvanic isolation (no external power supply required)
    * USB full-speed function device, USB 2.0 compliant, transmission type: bulk, 12 Mbps
    * CAN-bus interface connector: SUB-D9
    * Supported CAN transceivers: 82C251, SN65HVD23x, TLE6250G, TJA1050
    * LEDs for power-supply, CAN state and CAN traffic
    * CE conformity
    * Power consumption typ. 150mA, USB powered
    * Dimensions: 78 x 45 x 18 (LxWxH in mm)
    * Weight: ax. 40g
    * Operating temperature: -15°C...+85°C

CAN USB Adapter - Scope of delivery

    * Assembled and tested CAN USB device
    * USB-cable (1,8m)
    * Documentation on CD
    * Device drivers
    * PCAN View CAN-bus monitor
    * Evaluation versions of CAN-REport and CANopen Configuration Suite




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