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Generate C, C++, C# or Java source code
IAR Visual State is a tool for design and code generation that runs on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows. It is used to graphically design state machines (based on UML) and generate C,C++, C# or Java source code. It is also suited for low code development in embedded systems and app’s development.

Shorten your time to market
The design and code generation tool IAR Visual State helps you bring order to your design and speed up your project. Because the tool is made for embedded systems, it enables you to use state machines in an easy and intuitive way, with no unnecessary features to maneuver among.

Tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench

The generated source code files by IAR Visual State are handled automatically by IAR Embedded Workbench IDE when you include the project connection file in the IDE project. The C-SPYLink plugin enables high-level state machine model feedback directly to the IAR C-SPY Debugger including graphical animation in the state machine diagram and the possibility to set breakpoints at state machine level instead of C level.

Compact and Quality code
IAR Visual State generates very compact C/C++ code, 100% consistent with your design and also MISRA C compliant. Advanced verification and validation tools are included in the tool and documentation can be automatically generated out of the Unified Modeling Language (UML subset) state machine design.

Product overview
See the latest version of IAR Visual State in action and learn how to get started with the graphical modeling tool in this video.




 Benefits of model-driven design :

    * Design an embedded application by drawing objects, events, actions etc, using the powerful notation of hierarchical UML state charts and state machines.
    * Discuss the design and exchange ideas with others thanks to the model-driven design approach and the graphical design representation.
    * Simulate and visualize your application to find mistakes early in the design cycle.
    * Verify the logical consistency of your designs run-time model with the extremely powerful formal verificator.
    * Perform extensive tests continuously and iteratively throughout your development: validation of the state machine behavior, regression testing and automatic test coverage reporting.
    * Use the C-SPY® extension to do high-level debugging on hardware with feedback in the design domain, instead of fighting with low level implementation details.
    * Automatically generate error-free micro-tight C/C++ code that is 100% consistent with your design.
    * Easily add new functionality to an existing application as market requirements change.
    * Maintain an existing application thanks to the accurate, structured documentation that is always in-sync with the final design.





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