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Develop your own Weatherstation incl. Alerts with our new Development Kit

Develop your own smart Weatherstation incl. Alerts with our Development kit

After the consistently positive feedback on our sysWORXX CTR-100 and its development kit, we create another one for a wireless solution.

Wireless recording of data, processing, forwarding to the cloud

The development board of the sysWORXX CTR-100 is actively connected to a u-blox module. This wireless module allows the sysWORXX CTR-100 to receive data (temperature, pressure, acceleration, voltage, current, etc.) from sensors. After further processing of the data, these will be send e.g. via MQTT to a cloud solution. Thus, the small but smart controller also acts as a gateway.

This allows older machines or existing systems to be upgraded to Industry 4.0 levels in the sense of retro-fit.

This IoT starter kit is available until embedded world (27.02.2018) at the trade fair price of 499,00 €.

Development kit with u-blox module sysWORXX CTR-100

Kit components

- sysWORXX CTR-100
- Baseboard (DIL40)
- u-blox Arduino Shield
- 3 bluetooth tags to measure different data
- sysWORXX CTR-100 download instructions

Your added value

- Connection of Mesh net sensors
- No additional effort through wiring
- Long battery life
- Large area can be covered for measuring
- Fast installation
- Low installation costs


More information about our sysWORXX CTR-100 can be found here.



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