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Safety Critical & Certified Sytems

Based on many years experience we offer expertise, tools and services for safety critical Systems specification, Design, development, test and certification.

Safety & Coding Standards
Standards can be divided in Programming (coding) Standards and Process / Safety Standards as have been defined for certain industies. Here you will find information about these standards as well as tools we have to verify, test and certify accoording to these standards. ...
Every safety critical or high-availability project starts with managing requirements and defing a process. Our company can offer a set of market leading and pragmatic tools to assist you in Requirements Management and Engineering. Next to that we offer services and consultancy to assist to in defing and introducing a setup and training all people involved. ...
Compilers & Debuggers
RTOS and Middleware
We offer a Software platform and middleware that has proven itself very succesfull for the development and certification of Embedded Systems. This platform includes a Safety Certified RTOS and Memory Protection unit. Note that most offerings in the market are in contrast to this either PRE_certified or even just Quaified. In both cases a lot of work still needs to be done by the application develo ...
Test and certification
Being an industrial safety standard itself IEC-61508 is the basis for many safety standards that are used for a wide range of markets. Other standard like ISO26262, IEC60234 are direct derivatives of IEC-61508.  We offer a very complete set of tools and support to assist our customers in adapting these standard, for the initial exploration of the standard to SIL-3 certified Cross compilers, d ...


INDES-IDS BV offers solutions for Embedded Software Development as well as for the Telecommunication NEMS and Service Providers. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders. Our goal is to assist you to get to the market sooner by offering a combination of products, knowledge and services.