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Partners, Elprotronic Inc.

Elprotronic is a Canadian company specialized in economic but professional In-System Programming solutions for Texas Instruments DSP's and microcontrollers. Elprotonic is a well recongnized partner of Texas Instruments. The software allows serialization and scripting to automate production programming.

Products include systems for programming one-off up to 64 devices in GANG.

Processors supported:

  • TI C2xxx (F28xx)  DSP's, more here >>
  • TI MSP430 microcontrolers, more here >>
  • TI Chipcon (8051)  family, more here >> 


Pricing and configurations :

Please do not hesitate to contact Glenn Moloney for configurations and pricing.

How to order :

Orders can be send by post, fax or e-mail :

- Het Voorburg 7, 4101 KK, Culemborg, Nederland

- Fax:  +31 - (0)345 545.530

- E-mail :



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